Let’s Go! || Shropshire

Let's Go! || Shropshire

The New Year is nearly upon us and everyone will be thinking about what they want to do for the following year. For some people, they will want to travel but the bank balance won’t allow it, so why not have a staycation? And to get away from it all, you could relax in Shropshire.

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Food, glorious food!

When you travel anywhere, you should sample the local cuisine, and you would be surprised what you can find that is local to an area. Shropshire is right at the border with Wales so there is a massive crossover of different types of food. Ludlow has been called “a little bit of France at the Welsh border” because of the variety of food that is available to sample. But it is not just food that you can sample. Shropshire is known for its ale and is the home of the microbrewery. Three Tuns has been brewing since 1642 and you can enjoy the beer with a history lesson in the beer museum.

History buffs

I love history, I even wrote a book (which you can buy here) so when you get the chance to explore what makes an area unique, you should embrace it. If you have tried out the beer museum and would like to learn more about the area, not just about beer, then there is loads to see and do. Even if history isn’t your thing, maybe some myths and legends would be more interesting to you. You can explore the King Arthur trail and enjoy the ancient art of storytelling. But, if there is one thing about Shropshire that you need to know, they love their ghost stories and ghost tours.

Relax and unwind

Why would I bring up Shropshire as an option for travel when it is so quiet? Well, that is exactly why you should visit. Most of Shropshire is unspoiled making it ideal for a quiet break away from it all. This must be great for people who fancy a bit of Shropshire dating because it is so relaxing. The place is filled with castles and manor houses that you can explore and relax in. Or *gasp* you could get married in! How did we get from dating to marriage? Not important, but the countryside is very romantic with a rich history of amazing weddings including King Arthur and Guinevere.


I’m not one for fishing usually but in Shropshire, I would make an exception. There is a load of different places that you can explore with your fishing rod and plenty of people recommend that you make a weekend of it if you will be fishing, mostly men interesting enough. But if you want to be near the water but don’t fancy fishing, then you might want to consider exploring the canals. You can still fish at the canals if you want to, but there are other things that can be done besides fighting against the beast of the deep that was *this big*. You can join the likes of Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart by hiring a narrowboat for a tour of the canals.

Arts and crafts

Because of the history and the location, you can be sure that there is plenty of arts and crafts to be found about the place. I’m not talking about some hipster stall that might be selling their items ironically, I’m talking about proper arts and crafts that have roots and have been passed down through the generations within families. And you can buy these age-old wares in one of the oldest markets in the country in Oswestry where they have held markets for around 800 years.

What do you think? Could you have a staycation in Shropshire? Or will you try and travel further afield? Let me know in the comments section. And don’t forget to have a look at some of my other posts for some staycation inspiration.

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