What I got for Christmas || 2017

what i got for christmas

Christmas is a time for family, spreading love and joy. But now that it is over, we all want to know what everyone got from Santa. Did you get what you wanted this year?


I don’t get much in the way of clothes at Christmas, but I always make sure that I have a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day. This year I had a jumper and jeans from Primark. I really loved the jumper but it unravelled after the first wash. And because I had no receipt (because it was a Christmas present from my husband) they would only give me sale price for it! It cost my hubby £13 and they were going to give me a fiver! WTF! He also got me pjs (in the wrong f**king size!) and they were going to give me a fiver for those too. I know it is my husband’s fault, and yes I’m pissed off that he didn’t listen to me when I said medium, not small. But I’m really not happy with Primark’s quality and customer service over the matter.

Boots and Slippers

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I am in love with my new boots! These little beauties are by Replay and they are the most comfy boots I’ve had in ages! I love a good fuzzy boot, they are great for just popping on quickly for the school run. I spotted the Mermaid Off Duty slippers in Primark and had to have them, they do say Mermaid after all. Plus, I go through slippers like nobody’s business! These are perfect for flip-flopping about in the house.

Smelly Stuff

Christmas smelly stuff

I tend to get a lot of smelly stuff during the year but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a bag of smelly stuff at Christmas too. This year I got two bottles of perfume Deep Red and Melissa. I also got a good selection of shower gels (we all know how I like to go through that). Because of the amount of stuff I get during the year from PR’s and companies, my husband decided to play it safe with the shower stuff. He knows that I will definitely use it.

Food, drink and mugs

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I love a new mug for my coffee so I was happy to see two different Christmas presents which had mugs. Despite being a bit of a fitness nut, I love my chocolate. And I’m not ashamed about it. I got plenty of tins and biscuits and treats. I like to think of my Christmas indulgence as carb loading for the New Year. Plus I have a marathon booked for next year, I need those fat stores for all that mileage.

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