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In case you haven’t noticed recently, we became Amazon affiliates and have been putting links for stuff that you can buy. If you click through these links and buy stuff, the site gets a little commission, yippee! But it’s not just about sales, we actually buy stuff off there too. I recently had a little online shopping spree and thought I’d share it with you.

Superman Vest top

Womens Ladies Racer Back Superman Batman Logo Printed Contrast Stretch Vest Top (S/M-UK8/10, Superman Blue)

I am a massive comic book geek, or I like to think I am. I saw on Amazon and thought it would be a great addition to my collection of comic book t-shirt collection. The delivery charge nearly put me off but considering the top was only 20p (yep, you read that right) £3.60 for this shirt didn’t seem to bad. Now, I’ll not going to lie, this is a cheap top. The fabric is pretty thin and the logo is thick, if I put it in the washing machine it would probably peel off. But I still love it. I wear it with a black vest top underneath and wash it by hand.

Trackie Bottoms

Womens New Brooklyn Printed Ladies Bottoms Adjustable Tie Waistband Stretch Tracksuit Jogging Joggers Pants Black Size 8 – 10

These were another bargain that I found on Amazon. The full price was £4.54 (£1.27 was the item price and delivery was £3.27). These are another cheap item that will need to be hand washed to keep them in good shape. But what do you expect when a pair of trackie bottoms costs less than a fiver? They are really light and are great for working out in. Cheap, cheerful and perfect if you need a pair of trackies for knocking about in.

Pink Shaker

ProElite Neon Smart Blender Bottle Shaker Cup Shake 600ml – 700ml (Neon Green)

Fitness freak alert! Yes, I drink protein shakes and stuff like that. So I thought a nice new pink shaker was in order. The shaker cost 1p…..with £4.99 delivery! Haha! Anyway, it is a good size, nice and big for your shakes to fit in. It is a little bit too tall to fit in my dishwasher but it is a tiny model. I’m lucky if I can fit certain dinner plates in. This is perfect for you ladies you like to have a daily shake. It also comes in other colours including blue and gold.

Cat Eye sunglasses

Classic Modern Vintage Remade Cat Eye, Asst B3 (Black)

I love sunglasses. Every day I wear a pair. I probably look really random walking through town wearing them when it looks like rain but I hate squinting in the sun. These are really cute vintage inspired sunglasses. These are really dark which I love. They don’t have any UVB or UVA protection but I have no problem with that. Another little bargain at £2.19 and free delivery.

Eiffel Tower Statue

15cm Metal Paris Eiffel Tower Craft Art Statue Model Desk Room Decoration Gift

I got this little cutie for two reasons. 1) it’s cute, and 2) I was hoping it would make my photos a bit more interesting for the Beauty Edit. When it’s not being used for “art” purposes, it sits in my living room. I know, it is one of those random things that you buy that you hope that will be useful. I couldn’t be bad to the price, £2.19 and free delivery. It was one of the quickest items to arrive and hopefully you will spot it as part of the beauty edit photos.

Floral Handbag

Women Lady Vintage Floral Flower Bowknot Canvas Sweet Stylish Fashion Leopard Print Casual Handbag

I have to admit, I got this handbag because one of my cats decided to use my normal handbag as a litter tray. So, to replace it (and lick the wound) I got this. This is a tiny little bag, almost around the size of a clutch bag. But, it can fit my phone, keys, purse and some make-up. Don’t need much more than that really. Another bargain at £2.99 with free delivery.

Buddha Bracelet

MunkiMix 10mm Alloy Energy Bracelet Link Wrist Energy Stone Gold White Howlite Turquoise Buddha Mala Bead Elastic Men,Women

I am a spiritual person (as well as a complete nerd) so when I saw this bracelet I had to have it. It came in a lovely little black pouch and is really heavy. It simply pops over your wrist and you wear it. This is probably one of my favorite items that arrived. I love jewellery like this and was expecting a cheap item for the price (49p with £4.85 delivery).

Strawberry Tea infuser

Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser Strainer – Red and Green / Suitable for Use in Teapot, Teacup and More–A Wonderful Gift for An Avid Tea Drinker

In the near future I will be doing a review on Teatox herbal tea to see if it really works. A lot of tea’s come loose now and I didn’t have a tea infuser or strainer. This was a super bargain at 53p and free delivery. The stem of the strainer is flexible so you can wrap it around the handle of your cup.

Pug life top

Womens Dog Face Pug Life Slogan Printed Ladies Round Scoop Neckline Stretch Sleeveless T-Shirt Vest Top White Size 8 – 10

I love pugs. But I’m not allowed any more dogs….until I move house! Ha! So until such time as I move to a big house in the country to live in freedom with my dogs and children, I will buy stuff with pugs on it. This is another cheap top but the same rules apply to the care of this one as the others. I wear a white vest top under it and hand wash it (just like the others).

And there you have it! This is just a selection of the stuff that I got this week. If you spotted any of these items on Amazon and weren’t sure about them, now you know what I think of them at least.

Want to know what some of my favorite things are? Click here for a video. Or click here for a shopping haul video.

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