10 of the best Halloween outfits || 2017

halloween outfits

Halloween is the time of the year when you get to unleash your spooky side. But in a world filled with PC rants about how people are disrespecting of cultures, we need to get back to basics. It’s time to get scary outfits! Here are ten of the best that will scare everyone.

As an added bonus I have listed the fear which goes with the outfit and a link to Amazon where you can buy it. If you do choose to scare the crap out of someone with your outfit, I get a little bit of cash for my help.

Halloween Outfits #1- Ostiophobia- Fear of bones

This is not a phobia that is very common, but it does exist. Some people get really freaked out by bones, some to the extent that they can’t accept that they have bones inside them! The more common phobia is cartilogenophobia, the fear of food with bones in it. This spooky outfit can make you look like a walking skeleton!

Halloween Outfits #2- Phallophobia- fear of a penis

This might sound made up, but it is true! Some people (both men and women) have a fear of penises! This is not the same as someone looking at one and saying “no”, or not being “in the mood”. Some people can have full-blown panic attacks. If someone doesn’t have a fear of penises, they might end up with one after seeing this. So, if you feel like being a massive d**k and scarring some people for life, this is the outfit for you!

Halloween Outfits #3- Sanguivoriphobia- Fear of Vampires

I vant to suck your blood!! No, not really. But some people are afraid that vampires are real and they will drink their blood. This fear is mainly found in remote villages were myths still run rampage. Sanguivoriphobia literally means “fear of blood eaters”. But if you aren’t afraid of these immortal beings, you can grab your fangs and party like it’s 1617.

Halloween Outfits #4- Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders

The fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias. Data shows that around 48% of women and 12% of men suffer from this phobia. So you can be guaranteed to scare a few people at your Halloween party in this get-up. Unfortunately, the extra arms and legs won’t guarantee any hugs.

Halloween Outfits #5- Ornithophobia- Fear of birds

Having a fear birds must be terrifying.  Imagine not being able to walk down the street because the birds are looking at you. Then imagine arriving at a party (after avoiding all the birds) and seeing this at the bar. I’m not afraid of birds this is making me uncomfortable.

Halloween Outfits #6- Hemophobia- Fear of Blood

A fear of blood is not the same as a fear of needles. Someone might have a fear of needles, but not a fear of blood. It is believed that the fear can come from seeing gory Halloween outfits. So, if your friends don’t have a fear of blood, they might have one after seeing you dancing about in this.

Halloween Outfits #7- Entomophobia- Fear of Bugs

Having a fear of bugs is not the same as a fear of spiders. Why? I don’t know. But if you asked a zoologist what the difference between spiders and insects are, they could rhyme off a list. So, if you want to scare someone who doesn’t like bugs, a giant fly might give them nightmares for years to come.

Halloween Outfits #8- Coulrophobia- Fear of Clowns

After the freaky clowns that stalked America last year, and the new IT movie, the fear of clowns doesn’t seem as silly as it used to. Plus if you take into account that John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown, no wonder they are scary. You don’t even need a full outfit. Just a mask is enough to terrify most people.

Halloween Outfits #9- Phasmophobia- Fear of Ghosts

When you were a kid, your mum might have cut some holes in an old bed sheet for your Halloween outfit. If you were lucky, you got a plain sheet. Other times you got a flowery sheet. Now you can get really scary ghost outfits to make sure that little monsters can be scary little ghosts.

Halloween Outfits #10- Bananaphobia- Fear of Bananas

I’m not making this one up either. There is a fear of bananas. It isn’t a common phobia and only a handful of people are known to suffer from it. It’s not known what causes this fear, it could be linked to being forced to eat bananas as a child.

So, if those outfits aren’t enough to scare you, then you might fearless. Of if they all scare you, you might suffer from Samhainphobia, a fear of Halloween. But if you can stomach a good scare, check out my true life Adventures in Ghosthunting.

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