Weekly news: Learning and working

It might surprise you all that I don’t live in the internet all of the time. There are times that I crawl out from under my rock and join the big world with some normal human interaction. This is what we have been up to this week…



Recently a friend and fellow blogger let me on a little secret for something big, she was launching her own magazine. Bloggerzine is a new place for bloggers to find all the info that they need to find their way through the minefield that is blogging. At the minute it is available online but in the next few months you will see a magazine hitting the shelves, yes it’s going to be that big! So keep you eyes peeled for it in the coming months. But if you can’t wait, you can head over to the site and get a taste of what is happening.



Did you know that we have our own YouTube Channel now? You didn’t? Well, shame on me and Ryan for not telling you! We launched our channel a while ago with the plan of doing a weekly podcast but my internet has been “temperamental” and we have only done two so far. And now we are taking a break for Christmas. But, in the New Year, if you fancy having a laugh at me and Ryan pretending to be smart, then head on over and say “hi”. Or you can watch Podcast 1 here and Podcast 2 here.



It was my birthday this week! Yay me for surviving another rotation around the sun on this big blue ball! Considering what has been happening in the world these days, I actually consider it an achievement. And I’m not ashamed to say that I turned 31 this year. Normally I lie about it but I am finally accepting my age. I have no idea how to act it but I’m accepting it. My husband really out-done himself this year and got me a working vintage typewriter so that I can write my masterpiece on. I love it! And I’ve had my eye on one for ages. I had planned on treating myself when we move house but he couldn’t resist buying it for me.

Christmas is coming


The 1st of December marks the day that I put my tree up and fill the house with glitter! It is also the time that I realise that I have little to no Christmas shopping done. This year we are celebrating at home, just me, my husband and my kids. And this is the first year that we do Christmas as a married couple! Eek! The down-side to it is my husband has to work over Christmas! The joys of being a butcher! He will be working around the clock to get people’s meat ready for Christmas. When you see your butcher this holiday season, don’t forget to thank them. They are working around the clock to make your Christmas celebrations happen with turkey and gammon.

Speaking French

You may remember recently I done a post about acting like a teenager and trying to fit as much as I could into a day. I’m happy to report that I am keeping up with my “studies”, even though I don’t have to. One of the things I have noticed is that my French is really coming along. I am 1% fluent in French according to the app that I am using which is pretty good. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do it every day because of my internet connection (the app needs the internet to grade you). If the internet in my house had been working properly then I might be even better.

I fixed stuff

This week my project for fixing stuff was a hard one, to fix the internet. Like I said earlier, I’m supposed to be doing a weekly podcast with Ryan and I am sticking to my teenage experiment. So, the internet was broken in my house. I had paid the bill, got an engineer out (and embarrassing fact, it was my high school boyfriends dad who appeared, yikes!) but the stupid thing kept breaking. So, I pulled it apart, fixed wires, changed the face plate, kept checking the line, changed more wires and the microfilter. Finally, after two hours of messing about with it, it was fixed. I felt like a genius! And how do I know it worked? Because if it didn’t I couldn’t write this! Ta-Dah! Never doubt your skills.

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