Online dating is awesome || Reasons that you should try it

Online dating is awesome

Online dating used to be considered pretty cringe-worthy.  It was considered as pathetic and naff, a bit like those lonely hearts ads that used to be in the paper many moons ago. But that was then, this is now. Now online dating is pretty awesome. Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons why you should consider it if you are looking for love.

It’s a billion-dollar industry

Ok, that might not seem like the best point to go in with but hear me out. A lot of sites charge you for the joy of using their service but is it really necessary? Why not just go to a free dating site if you are looking to date online? The purpose of online dating is just to help you to meet new people, the actual dating is done in person. But people are happy enough to hand over their cold, hard cash for these online services. If you aren’t ready (or in a position to hand over your money) to go full hog, why not try out the free version first?

It’s not really online dating

One of the reasons that people have a weird view about dating sites is because they have this thought that everything is done online. The proper term should be “find nice Basingstoke singles that you can talk to online before heading out for an actual date”. Ok, that is pretty long winded but very accurate. The simple fact is, meeting people the “old fashioned way” is hard. By doing a search online for someone that has the same interests as you, you can cut out a lot of guesswork.

It makes dating more efficient

Nobody wants to waste their time on the wrong person. Is there anything worse than looking back at an old relationship and wondering “what was I thinking?” Yeah, me too. I don’t have ex’s, I have Y’s! *Ba dum tish!* Having the opportunity to look for other single people online cuts out a lot of guesswork. I remember being out on a Student Union night out in Birmingham and the guys were trying out some smooth moves on the ladies. Here’s the thing, just because you are in a bar in Birmingham does not mean that the bar will be filled with Birmingham singles. There were a few drinks thrown at them that night but that’s what you get when you assume that everyone is single.

Access is everything

The great thing (or the problem, depending on your point of view) is the amount of information you can get about a potential love interest. You can find out their favourite music, favourite food, football team etc. And while people think that this takes the fun out of dating, it helps to narrow down who could make a good partner for you. If you are a laid back chick from Merseyside, then just having a look at Merseyside singles would work for you. For me, I like to know certain things about people. I had a couple of dealbreakers when I was single, one was the choice of football team. Thankfully my husband is a Manchester United fan too, otherwise, it wasn’t happening. But in saying that….

Give people a chance

Ok, so, you have been checking out people on the Derbyshire singles site. You have learnt some stuff about them. They don’t have the deal breakers for you but their interests just don’t line up with yours. You know what? That is ok. Everyone is a unique and beautiful individual. Sometimes you just need to give people a chance. Now, don’t get that twisted. If your idea of “enjoying the great outdoors” is a picnic in a forest park and theirs is hiking the highest mountains in Britain….well, do you like mountain climbing? But if they like fishing….well, you can always bring the picnic for the fishing trip.

Have you tried online dating? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below

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