Confessions from the internet

Confessions from the internet

The internet is full of amazing and wonderful things. From cats to porn, is there anything that can’t be found? Actually, I dread to think about some of the things that are out there.

Let me be clear, my job is to bring information to the table, and when it comes to these types of posts, I consider myself comfortable with talking about sex and intimacy. Until today. When I was researching what to write for this post, I was thinking about confessions, like the type that have appeared in women’s glossy magazines for years. But like I said, the internet is a dark and scary place when you scratch below the surface and remove the parental controls. Dear God, never remove the parental controls! Here are some of the types of sexy confessions that have left me clutching my pearls and muttering “I say” under my breath.

Friendship means nothing according to these confessions

We hear about marriages breaking up because someone cheated. And while this is awful, some of the reasons are even worse. There are countless stories of people who have hooked up with their best friends partners, have friends with benefits, or like to hook up with random people. Adult dating sites are great for people who want to have a bit of freedom, just don’t do it with someone’s best friend and if you are married.

People like to stick things, errr, in places

We have all seen the post on social media. Someone shares a news story about some person who has ended up in A&E because they have shoved something somewhere. Sometimes it’s the guys and sometimes it’s the girls. And food seems to be a popular thing to stick places. Wiltshire sex, with its local farms, must be really interesting if this is what people are into. What is the “weirdest thing” story I discovered? Probably a Buzz Lightyear toy……

People like to do it in public

In the club, in a restaurant with the manager for a free meal, is there anywhere that people won’t do it? One of the more popular places is on an airplane. But did you know that the cabin crew can be just as bad as the passengers? Cabin Fever: The sizzling secrets of a Virgin air hostess is a tell-all book from a former air hostess that puts no strings dating in its place with some very naughty tales from the sky. But remember, it might sound fun but it is still illegal to do the nasty in public.

Have a secret thing that you need to be fulfilled? Get online!

Some people have fetishes, and those need to be fulfilled. The problem with this is, even if you are on some naughty dating, you never really know what the other person is into. Thankfully, no matter what you are into, you can let loose online and find a partner who is into the same stuff as you.

Travel is a big thing

I know we have talked about doing it in public but a lot of people who like to do it when they are traveling. Doing it on the beach on holiday is a big turn on for some people. Who knew that Dorset sex on the beach would be a great idea? But some people claim that young ladies are trading sex for free travel. Whatever floats your boat ladies and gents.

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