Annoying little things


Recently I haven’t done much on here because I didn’t want to bore everyone with the annoying things that have happened in the last few months. But then I thought “Hey! It’s my blog! I’ll write what I want!” and then I gave myself a kick up the ass for thinking it.

For me recently, I’ve had a load of small problems going on and there was many a time I wanted to let loose and rant away about them on here. But I don’t want to fill this space up with random rants about how the postman left the garden gate open and the dogs escaped. This blog is a place for me to try and improve my writing, not vent about how people annoy me, that is what Facebook and Twitter are for. So, without having an outlet for my rage, I have found myself consumed by these small problems and I haven’t had room in my brain for anything else. This had a complete knock on effect in the rest of my life. I stopped going for runs because I was too tired, I didn’t sleep well at night because my mind was going round and round in circles, my writing suffered badly because I couldn’t focus long enough to get any work done. All in all I was mentally a mess. I knew this would happen when I started talking to the fridge about how the neighbours are rude and that I need to move house. Yes, I know, completely crazy behaviour talking to the fridge but until the day comes that it starts talking back, I think I’m ok and I shall continue to have my one-sided conversations with it. Anyway, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realised how badly things had become. I’ve a ten foot high pile of ironing to do, god knows how much washing, and my dining table is under a mass of clutter. So, the big question is, what shall I do? Clearly I need to clean the house and do some ironing but how should I handle my problem of zero ranting?

Simple. I shall rant and rave on here until I feel better but I have to provide a solution to the problem as well. I don’t want to be known as “the girl who rants at random”, I see enough of that on social media (omg! total dirt bird touched my boob! lol) er, no. I have no idea if it will work, I don’t know if it will give me better focus, but I do know that the fridge is about to get very jealous of the laptop.

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