24 things from the 90’s that we will never forget

WOW 24 things from the 90's we will never forget

When people look back at the decades before, they tend to think about them fondly. But there are some things that happened in the 90’s that only 90’s kids will remember. Here are 24 things that you will definitely remember if you grew up in the 90’s.

Beanie Babies

One of the true signs of 90’s was the Beanie Baby toy. It was too cool for little kids so having some made you one of the big kids. They were collector’s items during that decade, now they are worth a fortune! Time to dig out the toys from the attic because certain beanies have sold for hundreds of pounds.

Sister Sister

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Go home, Roger! This was the highlight of any girls afternoon. We all followed the adventures of Tia and Tamara in the hope that one we would find our twin who we lost at birth. It was also pretty fun to watch the relationship between Ray and Lisa develop.

Grunge Fashion

grunge fashion 90's kids

You might not have been old enough to have tried out grunge clothing but you probably had an older sibling that did. 90’s grunge was a new take on rock and roll. Bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins gave us the style and sound to hate everything.

President Clinton

Bill Clinton 90's kids

During the 90’s President Clinton was one of the most beloved Presidents around the world. He saw the economy grow, it was a time of world peace and life was good. Until it all blew up in his face with a certain lady called Monica. It was the scandal of the decade!


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If there was ever a way to waste your lunch money, it was one Pogs. The playground became a battleground as the Pog Masters slammed their way to victory. The prize? Their opponents Pog collection. For some people, this was the first time we had ever seen the tough kid cry when he lost.

Shell Suits

90's kids shell suits

Neon colours and the crunchy fabric was the top trend of the 90’s. Everyone had a shell suit. Your mum, your granny and you. The brighter the colour the better. There was so much neon polyester the human race was probably visible from space! Thankfully this trend disappeared when they started melting in the dryer.

Happy Meal Toys

happy meals 90's kids

Back in the 90’s Happy Meals from McDonald’s were cool. The toys that came with the meals were always fun and original. Have you seen what is considered a Happy Meal toy today? Toys today lack the imagination that they had back in the good old days.


Ravers 90's kids

If you weren’t into rock music then you were probably a raver. Rave and dance music spread globally and created a new culture. If you were too young to be a raver, then you probably saw them on the news. Raves were a big problem for police and parents.


tamagotchi 90's kids


Remember when you wanted a pet and your parents said “no” because you wouldn’t look after it? So what did you do? You got a Tamagotchi to look after until you proved them wrong. These little techno pocket pets were perfect to show mum and dad who was capable of looking after a pet.

Comedies like no other

90s kids

The 90’s saw a new wave of comedy coming from some unlikely places. Arnold Schwarzenegger made the jump from action movies to comedy and gave us some good laughs. During the 90’s, he took part in very little action and more laughs. The reason? He wanted something that his kids could watch him in.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Di Caprio 90's kids

Leo had been a child star in the 1980’s and the 90’s saw him make the leap from child actor to heartthrob. He broke the hearts of girls around the world as Romeo and annoyed teenage boys by existing. The 90’s was a good decade for Leo and for us too.


Gameboy 90s kids

This was not the first handheld game in the world but it was the first that you change the game. Before the Gameboy, you got a little handheld game that played one game. The Gameboy changed gaming for an entire generation and has helped shape how we play games now.

Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210 90s kids

This was shown across the world so there was no escaping the charms of the 90210 boys. Everyone was able to see what it was like for the super rich kids living in Beverly Hills. Were we jealous? Maybe a little but could you blame us? Catfights and drama on the beach!

Hair clips and butterfly clips

butterfly clips 90s kids

Every girl needed a collection of brightly coloured clips and bands to keep their hair in place. The 90’s didn’t do subtle, these clips were meant to be noticed! Butterfly clips, scrunchies and hair bands were the order of the day. Flowers and neon colours were expected and encouraged.

WWF Wrestling

WWF Wrestling 90s kids

It was overdramatic and still a little bit violent but wrestling made our day. Hulk Hogan was dressed in yellow and the Rock asked if we could smell what he was cooking. Bacon hopefully. The best thing about wrestling? Your mum would watch it with you.

Headphones and walkmans

walkman 90s kids

There was a boom in technology in the 90’s which made portable cd players possible. It was the coolest thing to have the lastest portable CD player to listen to your tunes on. It was even possible to get a lead to plug it into the car. Now that was cool.

Super soaker water fights

water fights 90s kids

There was a time when a water fight meant old washing up bottles or a terrible water pistol. Super soakers changed how the game was played! The only way to beat a super soaker was to break out the garden hose. Trust me when I tell you, you only needed to do that once for your dad to go and buy you one.

Power Rangers

power rangers 90s kids

Go go Power Rangers! Saturday morning was not complete until the latest episode of Power Rangers had been watched. Who knew that space aliens, robots and giant robot dinosaurs could be so entailing? We loved watching Rita getting her plans foiled every time and the dramatic stunt work!

Making mixtapes

mixtapes 90's kids

Back before there was YouTube or anything that you download, kids of the 90’s made mix tapes. Blank tapes were at the ready for your favourite song, your finger was itchy for the record button, and you hoped that the dj didn’t talk over the top of it.

Fancy dress

fancy dress 90s kids

Fancy dress in the 90’s was like no other decade! In fact, you either done a really good job or a really rubbish one. You could always tell which kid had the super crafty mom at Halloween. They had an amazing outfit while we had a sheet with eyes as holes. And the sheet wasn’t always white.


cameras 90s kids

What to take a picture of you and your bestie? Now you use a selfie stick and can take unlimited photos until you get one that you like. The 90’s was a nightmare for photos! Only 20 pictures on a roll of film, you had to pay $5 to get them developed and wait 3 three days for them. Unless you had a Polaroid camera, but the film for those was twice as expensive.

The first mobiles

mobile phones 90s kids

The 80’s brought the mobile phone but the 90’s saw them going mainstream. By the end of the 90’s, everyone had a mobile, which cost a fortune, and was like a brick. And this was before camera phones. The screens back then were just little light up boxes with text. But we thought we were awesome.


brit pop 90s kids

Britpop was British but it spread around the world. The Spice Girls gave us Girl Power. Blur and Oasis gave us a battle. But everyone gave us good music. Some of it might sound a bit cheesy now but those were the sounds of a generation.


playstation 90s kids

Games were no longer just a white dot popping on a screen, it had just gotten real! The 90’s saw an explosion of new game systems including the Playstation which allowed you to save your game for the first time ever! Sonic and Lara Croft became favourites of this decade of gamers.

Is there anything I’ve missed? Probably. So let my know in the comments if there is anything else from the 90’s that you remember.


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  1. I love this list! I watched Sister Sister ALL the time and read the books too! I killed my tamagotchi though, I left it on holiday once!!
    And Leo just sums up my teen years, all my friends loved him!

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