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Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2 takes us back to visit some of our favourite New York ladies as they enter new phases of their lives.

The Plot

It’s been two years since we left the ladies. Carrie and Big had finally tied the knot. Charlotte and Harry were blessed with two beautiful girls. Miranda and Steve had fixed their marriage. And Samantha was back to being the Samantha that we all know and love. It looks like everyone has settled into their happy lives, even Stanford and Anthony tie the knot at the beginning of the movie. But it becomes clear there is some unrest. Charlotte is worried about the girls “hot nanny”. Miranda is unhappy at work after one of the new senior partners turns out to be a sexist pig. And Carrie and Big have entered the terrible twos of their marriage. Samantha comes to the rescue with an all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi.

Thoughts on the story

This movie is closer to the original series than the previous movie. While the last movie dealt with heartache and moving forward, this movie deals with the struggles that Carrie always felt that she had in relationships. There was also the make domination theme which runs through the story. Abu Dhabi might be the new Middle East, but women are still oppressed and made to cover up. This causes massive problems for Samantha as she deals with her sexual desires for a hot business man and her hot flashes courtesy of menopause. One of my favourite moments was near the end in the marketplace when Samantha drops her bag. An illegal trader thinks she has stolen his fake Birken bag and wrestles her for it. When the bag hits the ground and the contents spills out, the men are outraged at a woman carrying condoms! Samantha completely loses it and begins screaming, “Yeah! I have sex!” at the horrified onlookers.


Although this is a lot closer to the TV series in some respect, it is completely different. The series was about how women have to navigate through modern life. This movie shows how much harder some women have it and are struggling to get their voices heard. Although the ladies from Sex and City have had their battles, they can stand up for themselves. This is definitely one to watch if you are having a bad day.

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