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sex and the city

Sex and the City was one of the defining TV series of the late 1990’s and early noughties. In 2008, the long awaited movie arrived and we picked up with the fab foursome. What happened to Carrie and Mr Big? Did Samantha and Smith stay together? And what about Miranda and Charlotte’s marriages and children? So many questions. It’s time for answers.

The Plot

This was the movie event of the year when we caught up with the ladies of New York City. The movie is set four years after TV series ended and we get to see how life has progressed for everyone. At the end of the series, Charlotte and Harry were adopting their baby, Lily. Miranda and Steve had settled down with Brady in Brooklyn. Samantha had found love with Smith, and he helped her through her breast cancer treatment. And finally, Mr Big told Carrie she was “the one”, and we finally found out what his name was.

The movie begins with Carrie and Big searching for their perfect New York apartment. But when they find “the one”, it’s out of Carrie’s price range but Big picks up the check. On discovering that she might not have any say on the property if they split up, Big proposes marriage. What starts as a business engagement spirals into a massive wedding. Feeling the pressure of designer dresses, huge guest lists and two previous fail marriages, Big bail’s on the big day. What follows next is the story of four women who go through their own personal trials and hope they come out the other side.

Thoughts on the Story

Sex and the City is one of those movies that you will either love or hate. It definitely stays true to the series, which is good news for the die hard fans out there. The story moved really well despite it being spread over the course of a year, not something that we have seen before in the series. But this gives us a chance to see further into their timeline than we would have if it had been another series. Because the story is based around Carrie being left at the alter, it makes sense that the story is spread over a year. It shows how she heals and the length of time anyone might need after a bad breakup.


Overall, I liked the movie. It showed us a raw and emotional side that we would not have seen before in the TV series. And we still got the fabulous outfits, shoes, and Samantha swearing a lot with her sage advice.

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