How to make your blog big in three easy steps

How to make your blog big in three easy steps

When you have been blogging for a while, it will have gone one of two ways. You will either be successful and get some income from it, or feel like you are banging your head against a wall with only a few views a day. Here are some ways that you can help make your blog big.

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Repurpose old content

Over the years, I have written a small mountain of content for other sites. And over the years, some of these sites have gone and disappeared from the internet. So, rather than waste all of that hard work, I pop it on here instead. Admittedly there is some content that was best left unpublished (my piece about ugly athletes went down like a lead balloon but 3 years ago it was considered amazing and funny, how times have changed!) but you won’t know with some posts until you hit publish.

Focus on what sells

You know what? I love writing. I love creating content. But sometimes I have to write stuff that is for clicks and links because I have bills to pay. Companies want links and mentions, they will pay for them, I will provide the content. Despite having to do this so I can keep the fridge stocked, I try to make it fun. One of my favourites is getting a list of links from companies and trying to come up with an interesting post that people will want to read.

What are other people doing?

This is not to be confused with copying other people. In fact, don’t copy other people, that’s just rude and you are guaranteed the mother of all smackdowns from the blogging community if you steal other peoples content. But, there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from bigger bloggers and what they are creating. The thing to remember is that people will visit your site because it is unique in some way, so don’t completely change everything to fit in with other people. If you spot people starting to post about Christmas, what Christmas content do you have planned? Are people talking about the headlines and giving their own view on it? People love opinion pieces so if you have something to say about a topic, say it.

What do you think? Have you done any of things to help make your blog bigger? Let me know in the comments. And check out some of my other posts about making it in the blogging world.

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