3 Car Maintenance Secrets When You Don’t Drive Often

3 car maintenance secrets for those who don't drive often

Not everybody who owns a car needs to drive every day. Not everybody who owns a car knows how to look after their vehicle. In fact, a lot of people find themselves struggling with high maintenance costs for vehicles that are used only on a weekly or fortnightly basis. And more often than not, they ask themselves one important question: Is my car really worth the trouble?

The answer is not straightforward, of course. But, ultimately, if you need to drive a car from time to time, it’s fair to say that you’ll find it tricky to do without a vehicle. Indeed, life without a car means relying entirely on public transport and the helpfulness of driving friends. And, it’s not always easy to organize. But similarly, when your infrequently used vehicle comes with high maintenance costs, then you need to find a solution that works for your budget. What is the best solution were to know how to protect your car?

1. Don’t park it in the rain

Do you know what happens to cars that are parked outside without being moved for a long time? The rain and the air humidity begin to affect your vehicle. The first thing you’ll notice is the orange rust on your rotors. If you don’t notice it, you’ll hear next time you drive the car. There might even be a slight clunking noise if rust particles have transformed the surface of your rotor. If it’s only slight rust, you can remove it by repeatedly breaking at low speed. But you often need to change your rotor and brake pads. If left for long periods, the body can also begin to rust. So, the easiest thing you can do to protect your vehicle is to ensure that it isn’t left exposed to the elements. You can get in touch with carport builders for an inexpensive solution to replace a garage extension. You can try to park the vehicle in an area where it’s less exposed to side wind and rain.

2. Get your hands dirty

Vehicles that aren’t used often need a little bit more love. Instead of spending most of your wage on garage bills, you could learn some DIY car maintenance to get to notice issues sooner so that you can fix them easily. As a car owner, you need to be able to change your brake pads and your rotor, change your oil and change a tire by yourself. You’ll save tons of money and extend the life of your vehicle significantly!

3. Look after the driver

Last, but not least, the driver matters as much as the car. If you don’t drive often, you need to make sure that you’re fully relaxed when you take the wheel. Additionally, the notion of long road trips changes when you drive less. An hour can feel very long when you’re not used to it, so it’s essential that look after yourself to avoid silly accidents or injuries. After all, an attentive driver is more likely to keep the car intact!

In conclusion, you don’t need to sell your car if you don’t drive it often. But you need to know how to best look after it if you want to be able to drive it at all!

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