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Kindness is something that can be rare these days but sometimes we find it in the strangest of places. Kindness by Jaime Thurston is a book that is guaranteed to spread some kindness across the world and inspire others to be a little kinder.

The book

This book is about kindness and the things that you can do to spread it. Jaime was inspired to start her charity, 52 Lives, after she helped a woman rebuild her life through the kindness of strangers. The book gives a brief overview of the events that have shaped her work with the charity in the introduction, but the book is mainly about ideas on how you can help spread some kindness with some simple acts.

Thoughts on the Book

This is a cute little book that is perfect for the coffee table. It is one of those books that you can dip in and out of in order to get inspiration or a quick pick me up. There are 52 ideas to help you spread a little happiness with others. The book is a by-product of the charity work she does with individuals who need a little kindness in their lives.

Thoughts on the Author

Jaime Thurston has created this book out of love and charity. And this is no accident. Jaime has had a number of jobs over the years that shows her own kindness including a wildlife charity and an organisation that supported the families of prisoners. Jaime is still committed to helping people and you can head to the 52 Lives site and see how you can help the people that have been nominated.


This is a beautiful little book. Not only are the illustrations incredibly pretty but the ideas are beautiful and simple. This is one of those books that will make you feel good. Not only do the ideas inspire kindness, 10% of the royalties go to 52 Lives to help people in need.


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