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Come On Up To The House

I don’t tend to read horror books but I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone. For this round of the KappaCino Book Club we will be looking at Come On Up To The House by Dane Cobain.

The plot

The story focuses on a family who move into a new home. Once they move in, the family starts to experience strange events. But before the family had moved in, the house was the scene of a grisly suicide. As the family settle into the house, Darran, the teenage son, begins to change. The longer they stay in the house, the more Darran takes on the qualities of James, the suicide victim. Death and despair surround the family as they battle with what to do.

Thoughts on the Story

This is a scary story and it’s not like many modern horror stories. This story has a focus on the original screen play. Even without reading the screenplay (which is in the second half of the book), your mind moves like a movie. It’s not just a stage with the characters moving about, your mind is pushed to view the story from a directors point of view. It’s a very interesting and unique way of having a story play out in your mind. The only other authors who have achieved this with me are Stephen King and Terry Pratchett.

Thoughts on the author

Dane is one of the UK’s hidden gems of horror writing. Although his focus for this story was his screenplay, it is clear he has a real knack for directing people and their mind’s eye to what he whats to see. A lot of writers give a vague picture of the scenery that we are placed in, and then paint in specifics as they go along. Dane takes a different approach by painting the scene straight away and adding no more details later on, just a focus on character development. I love this because it doesn’t mess up what I had pictured in my mind. There have been many times that I have had a scene in my head but then the author gives more details later in the story, and it completely destroys what I had in my head. This is not Dane’s only story, he has been working since university on various projects.


This is not something that other reviewers are likely to admit, but this book is something else. If you have been on the site for a while, you will know I live in a haunted house and you can read about that here. As I was sitting in bed, I was reading the book late at night. There is a certain part of the night that you just don’t go for a wee walk, normally around 11:30pm-1:30am. Anyway, I was sitting reading this, it was around this time. My resident ghosts must be able to see what I was thinking. I was reading, using my inside voice, and painting a very vivid picture with the story. I was at a particularly gruesome bit when I heard it. In my right ear, “F**k this s**t”. And then, it was like a suction was released from the house. And the pain in the ass ghost who likes to attack us, disappeared. Excellent book. Not only is it a great story, it’s also great for exorcisms.


If you are interested in learning more, Dane has his own website and his books can be found on Amazon. If you click the link below, it will take you to my affiliate store, so I earn some cash for sending you there,

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