Feb Faves || The Beauty Edit

Beauty Edit

February is one of those super short months….wait, I’ve had this rant before.

Beauty Edit #1- Mascara

Beauty Edit
Benefit Beyond Mascara They´re Real Mascara Black 8.5 g For Radiant Beautiful Eyes

I’m a big fan of Benefit cosmetics so I love when I get my mitts on something by them. This mascara from Benefit promises long lashes that look natural. The brush is designed to grab all of your lashes. Even those little ones at the end. The results from a consumer study have given me some unfounded faith in this mascara (I haven’t tried it yet). 94% of women said they saw dramatic length, volume and visible lift. 90% saw base to tip curl. But 100% saw long-wearing results. Now those are numbers I can get behind.

Beauty Edit #2- Shower gel

Beauty Edit
Avon Senses Sensual Shower Creme, Mystique Rose and Jasmine 500 ml

If you are a regular reader (or watcher) of Empties from the Bathroom, you will know how much shower gel I go through. With this in mind, I like to keep a supply of bubbles in. Avon can be a bit hit or miss for me sometimes. These shower gels are from two different ranges within the Avon brand. But both have that good, fruity smell that I adore. I just hope that these shower gels don’t let me down. I have used Avon shower gels before and they were pretty decent, so semi-high hopes for these guys.

Beauty Edit #3- Massage Cream

Beauty Edit

Naturelle Cosmetics

Although this is for the baby, it’s still going in here. This is a bottle of milky massage cream from Bebilou that I can’t wait to use on my little man. I tried a little tester on myself, and wow! This has gentle fragrance of poppy and fig buds. The cream is designed for skin hydration and baby massage. A really great thing about this is how it can be used on the face as well as the body. The cream is a bit watery so you won’t have to rub and rub to get this to absorb in.

Beauty Edit #4- Snuffle rub

Beauty Edit

Naturally Clean NI

This was made by my good friend Lisa over at Naturally Clean NI. This dinky little tub contains all natural ingredients to help babies with stuffy noses. It has essential oils and beeswax within the magical mixture. Lisa is only making small quantities of stuff at the minute so you should get in touch if you are interested in some snuffle rub. It might be made for babies but it also works on grown-ups too. And it is far nicer than vapour rub.

Beauty Edit #5- Coconut Oil

Vita Coco Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 250 ml

I have mentioned coconut oil before, but it’s only recently that I am discovering the many ways it can be used! It’s good for nappy rash, cradle cap, blocked ears, repairing gums….I could be here all day. I have been using it so much that I should really think about taking shares in the coconut oil industry. My mum has been using it to help repair her gums by “oil pulling”.

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