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When it comes to books, they can help with life choices and changes. Sometimes you need something that will provide you with a different perspective. And when it comes to maternity leave, you might have a bit of time on your hands before your bundle of joy arrives. In this session of the KappaCino Book Club, we look at Maternity Leavers by Soozi Baggs.

The book

Having a baby is one of the scariest and most complicated things that a person can go through. Making a human being tough. Some women breeze through pregnancy with a glow and radiant that only the sun could rival. Others find religion and pray every second or every day for the nightmare to be over. Regardless of how your pregnancy was, one day you will have to think about what you will do afterwards. Will you return to work? Leave work? Go self-employed? What are you going to do? This is where Maternity Leavers comes in.

Thoughts on the author

When it comes to writing, sometimes authors reveal more of themselves than they like to. Not Soozi. She reveals everything that has happened to her through her pregnancy and afterwards, including facing divorce. That’s a brave move to make these days. There is an entire community of mums out there whose sole purpose in life is to make other women feel rubbish for their decisions. But this is what Soozi wants to smash and help women speak up and take control of their of their parenting decisions. And most importantly, not feel ashamed for doing what they think is best for them.

Thoughts on the book

This book is filled with case studies and true stories. Which is just what we need to see. There have been too many “perfect” mummy blogs in recent years which make others feel inferior for their decisions. I love how Soozi has decided to smash the stereotypes of what mums “should” be doing and feeling guilty for it. Being a parent is hard enough without the added rubbish from other mums. The stories from parenting are like war stories, no two are the same. But that is the fun part of parenting, different experiences make for interesting conversation.


The book is well thought out and has a positive outlook for people who are entering parenthood. It’s becoming the norm for parenting books to have a narrow view on what you should be doing. Because the book focuses on maternity leave and employment after you give birth, it provides more options rather than a style of parenting. I found the book to be really enjoyable and eye opening. Sometimes as parents, we feel like we have to fit into a certain narrative or style. This book will help you to think outside the box when it comes to working after childbirth.


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