My backgarden sucks || House goals || Part 1

house goals

My house sucks. But I feel there comes a point when you have to be really honest and show the world why it sucks. Even if it is embarrassing. So here is my house, laid bare. Because I don’t admit what the problems are, I will never achieve my house goals.

I should start off by saying that this is a rented house and the landlord is supposed to fix this stuff. But she is lazy. So I can’t justify throwing mountains of cash to fix this stuff.

Most of the windowsills are like this. This is not masonry paint, this is gloss paint for interior woodwork. This is a nightmare to get stripped off, and it can’t be painted over. Masonry paint won’t stick to the gloss paint so I have to stand and chip away at it.

I do have a bit that is out of view so I tend to put old furniture there until I can get it to the dump. Naughty me. What would be ideal here is a little greenhouse. Because of the shape of this little piece of patio, I could buy some perspex sheet a create a custom greenhouse for my veggies and herbs.

This picture shows the woodwork above the back door. I think there is white gloss which has peeled to reveal brown varnish. I can only assume that neither coat was for exterior woodwork. This will need to be sanded down and a fresh coat of exterior wood paint applied.

I think this was supposed to be a garden flower bed but all it ever does is collect water and smell. The dogs also like to bury things in there including footballs, bones, and my will to live.

That’s just a little window that looks into the back hall. For some reason the paint work is even worse on this windowsill. And it’s harder to get off.

One of the good things about the garden is the light. When the sun does shine, I get full sun all day in this horrible little yard. 

I don’t actually have my own fence and have to look at the reverse side of my neighbours. Sexy, isn’t it?

This is another flower thing in the garden. This on is even more useless because it’s right beside the oil tank. We placed the blocks in to protect the pipe from the oil tank to the burner. I honestly think that the plumber who installed this system was as high as a kite.

Drainage is a massive problem in the garden. Not only does rainwater collect, so does the hose water from cleaning the garden. The result is a puddle at the bottom of the garden that takes hours to dry. And that is if it’s warm and not raining. In the winter, that puddle can be there for months.

Because of the drainage, the paving slabs are popping up. This has been like this since I moved in. We have made several attempts to fix it but they just pop up again.

The gate itself is ok. when I moved in, my dad added extra strips of wood onto the gate to stop people poking their noses in. Really, all it needs is a lick of paint. In previous years I have painted the gate with garden paint for wood to help protect it. The big problem is the arch above the gate. It is falling because of the kids who like to climb on my wall. They climb up and walk around my backgarden wall. Yep, that’s the sort of area I live in.


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