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147 Things Jim Chapman KappaCino Book Club

147 Things is the first book fromYouTube star, Jim Chapman. The YouTube star has put pen to paper to create a book of random facts about life, the universe and bellybuttons. In this overwhelming world, Jim offers us up some facts and stories about life as we know it.

The Book

147 Things is an experience of oversharing. Jim states on the back of the book that he is an oversharer so some of the stories or bits of info are directly related to him. The book is designed to be a “whistle-stop tour of the best bits of everything”. And this is very true. The book is divided into several sections, each dealing with a different subject.

Thoughts on the Book

A lot of fact-based books are just that, fact-based. This book provides some serious comic relief in the face of some serious stuff. Life and death is not something that we generally like to discuss, especially when we should/could be explaining it to our kids. Jim has a sense of humour that comes across in his writing. The facts, which are all separated out, are written in a conversational tone that makes difficult subjects easy to talk about.

147 Things Jim Chapman KappaCino Book Club

Thoughts on the Author

Jim Chapman has been on YouTube for around 7 years now. In the last few years, we have many different YouTube stars branch out into “writing”. I’m using that term loosely mainly because of rumours that certain stars didn’t write their own books or have just created coffee table books that are glorified coasters (Dan and Phil called their own book a coaster, not me). This book is different because Jim actually wrote a book that is informative and useful.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling with what to get the teenager in your life for Christmas, or you would like to feed their minds, this book might be a good choice. This is not just a book of random facts…well, actually, that’s exactly what it is. But the information (and choice of facts) is excellent. The book is designed to inform young minds about the world around, but it also sparks curiosity. They say that the best way to get kids to learn is to make it fun, and Jim has managed this with 147 Things.

If you like the sound of this book, you can click the links in this post and buy a copy for yourself. These are affiliate links so I get a little something for recommending the book to you if you click through and buy it.

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