Top 10 Kitchen Hacks

kitchen hacks

Kitchen hacks have become a way of life. But, you know all those kitchen hacks where you’re like, “Oh cool! Now I can turn my mushrooms into piñatas… What’s that going to achieve?” Yeah, well this isn’t one of those. I’ve put together 10 kitchen hacks that are actually useful, especially if you’re trying to lead a healthier life. Well, most of them are healthier. Some of them involve ice cream and cake, but we can’t sacrifice all the good stuff all of the time… Riiiight?

1. Seeds please

Do you ever find it difficult to get enough protein in your diet? Protein is essential for muscle growth, and healthy hair and nails. A very simple way to get that extra protein in your diet is to mix it in with your smoothies. Most nuts and seeds have no taste when they are blended in a smoothie, so why not drop some in to get a bit of extra protein? Plus, you won’t feel like you’re eating rabbit food. WIN!

2. Rotten eggs

Still want more protein but aren’t sure if the eggs in the fridge are up to scratch? This is one of my favourite kitchen hacks and has saved me from a nasty case of food poisoning. Fill a glass with water and pop the egg in. If the egg sinks it’s still good. If it floats then it’s for the recycling bin or compost heap. Or for your worst enemy.

3. Strawberries made simple

When you are making a smoothie with strawberries, use a straw to poke the core and stem out easily. Simply place a straw at the bottom and push upwards. No more rough strawberry bits in the blender. This will give your smoothie a better, smoother texture.

4. Super sliced onions

There’s nothing worse than biting into a chunky bit of onion in your food. To get really thin slices of onion for your salad or recipe, use a vegetable peeler. This will ensure super thin slices, and you’re less likely to start crying over the damned thing too.

5. Boiling water

Fed up of boiling pots bubbling over and making a mess on the cooker top? Simply put a wooden spoon across the top of the pot and the water won’t boil over onto the hob. This has saved many a cleanup job (honestly, who knew water could make such a mess?)

6. Ice-cream

When you get ice-cream in your shopping, don’t put it straight into your freezer. First, put it into a freezer bag and seal it. The freezer bag will act as a barrier and stop your ice-cream from freezing solid. No more bent spoons or having to wait on it softening. This means more time for eating ice-cream and less time trying to get it out of the tub. I know I said these kitchen life hacks were healthy, but, ice cream!

7. Frozen yoghurt

Ever fancied a super healthy frozen snack but didn’t want to spend a fortune? Simply get some good yogurt, poke wooden lollipop sticks through the lids, and pop in the freezer. The lids will hold the sticks in place until they have frozen. The result is a healthy frozen treat without the guilt of ice cream.

8. Frozen grapes

Grapes are one of the best fruits to freeze. Not only are they tasty to eat on a hot day but they can be used as ice cubes in lemonade or wine! Mmm! wine grapes. You can also freeze berries, bananas, and pretty much any other fruit you fancy. I’m not sure what frozen banana in wine tastes like though. But frozen fruit is also great for smoothies.

9. Save the cake

Ever been to a birthday party and seen leftover cake? Neither have I, but if you ever find yourself in that situation then use bread to save the cake. Pop some bread over the exposed/cut end of the cake with cocktail sticks. The air will dry the bread out first, keeping the inside of the cake moist for another day.

10. Fish on the barbie

Have you ever tried cooking fish on the BBQ? It can be a nightmare! One of the problems with cooking fish on the grill is that fish tends to flake and fall apart. Slice lemons and place those on the grill first, then pop your fish of choice on top of the lemon slice. Not only will it stop the fish from falling apart, it will give the fish a great flavour too.

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