The benefits of Booze


In today’s world, we are constantly being told that we need to be healthy and think about what we are putting into our bodies. But did you know that just a little bit of alcohol can be good for you? There are plenty of studies out there supporting the claims that a bit of booze can be good for you so I have pulled the info from them for your reading pleasure. Now when you are sipping on one of my recommended cocktails, you can feel smug about doing such a good job of looking after your body. High five you! Here are the awesome health benefits of booze!


booze beer

As you sit in the beer garden, sipping a cold beer, you will be doing your insides a world of good. For a start, beer is good for your kidneys and can reduce your chances of developing kidney stones by up to 40%. It can also help lower your cholesterol because it is full of fiber. And what else does fiber do? It helps to keep your bowel healthy by keeping things moving. Beer is also full of vitamins and minerals which keep your body healthy. It has iron, B vitamins, folic acid and silicon which helps with bone density. Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Having a beer in the evening can help promote a healthy night’s sleep.



booze wine

Red and white wine both have benefits. There hasn’t been much of a difference seen between red or white wine, one is as good as the other. But some people believe that red wine is better for heart health. Just like beer, drinking a glass of wine a day can benefit your heart and your gut. Studies have shown that drinking can cut the risk of developing colon cancer by up to 45% and can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Wine drinkers have a 40% reduced risk of developing eyesight problems later in life, mainly cataracts. That’s nice and all but don’t get blind drunk of wine just to help you see later. But a cheeky vino at the end of a hard day could have plenty of benefits.



booze vodka

Despite the obvious fact that vodka is made from potatoes and therefore a vegetable (not really), there is a heap of benefits for having a vodka in the evening. One of the more surprising benefits is how it can be used for pain relief. No, I don’t mean drink until it stops hurting. If you suffer from a toothache or sore gums, take a shot of vodka and swirl it around your mouth. The choice to swallow is up to you. Just like other types of alcohol, vodka can reduce stress and can help you sleep at night. And if you have a Bloody Mary with some good quality tomato juice, it counts towards your five-a-day.



booze whisky

I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself now because the benefits are pretty much the same as every other drink on this list. Whiskey is great for heart health and reducing stress. But a single malt whiskey may help fight cancer. There are studies happening around the world to see if and how it works. They say that the antioxidants in whiskey can absorb rogue cancer cells roaming around your body before they can develop into tumors. I’ll drink to that! And if you drink two fingers of whiskey a day for 6 days of the week, it could reduce your risk of developing dementia.



booze gin

Gin is one of those drinks that does strange things to you. Just ask around your office if you don’t believe me. It makes people cry, dance or sleep, it all depends on the person. But it can also cure a bad cough or jump start a late period. And if that wasn’t surprising enough, it’s thought that having a gin and tonic can cure malaria. The way that gin is made and what it is made of means that it is full of antioxidants to help remove toxins from your body. Bottoms up!



booze Tequila

This makes me happy…I love tequila. And if you can get your mitts on the good stuff like 100% pure agave tequila, then you won’t get a hangover. This is another pain reliever too. Tequila dilates the blood vessels and help reduces pain. For anyone who suffers from IBS or a bowel problem, tequila might be good for you. There are studies being carried out to see how it can help clear out your colon and help with these diseases.



booze brandy

This stuff can do more than make you randy. We have already seen a lot of benefits with the other drinks and brandy does the same. It’s good for heart health and possibly preventing cancer. It is also believed to slow the aging process and boost your immune system. Yeah, you read that right. Your great-granny probably had a brandy before bed and lived into her 90’s. Now you know why.



booze Champagne

Champagne is the least beneficial on the list but it’s getting talked about anyway. It has the benefits for mental health, memory and heart health, and that’s about it. The big brains at Reading University have said that drinking around 3 glasses of bubbly a week is best. And the sooner you start the better. Brain degeneration can start in your 40’s so the younger you start, the better. If you want extra benefits while you sip away your worries you can add strawberries or orange juice.


I’ve tried to be as scientific as possible with this article, but don’t forget that alcohol can impact different people in different ways. Drinking booze isn’t necessarily going to prevent cancer or cure health conditions. However, there are some pretty impressive cases for all the things I’ve listed. A quick Google search can reveal the mountain of research that as gone into these studies.

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