13 Foods that will make you Smell

Everyone likes to smell fresh but some things seem to go against us. But did you know that something as simple as the food that you eat can make you smell? There are certain foods that can make you a bit whiffy, but there are some foods that might surprise you. Here are 13 foods that can make you smell.


Coffee is the go-to liquid energy for millions of people across the world, including myself. The site is called Latte Lindsay for a reason! Everyone knows that coffee can be dehydrating but did you know it can dry out your mouth too? When your mouth is dry it makes it easy for bacteria to grow which causes bad breath. It also stimulates the central nervous system and can make you sweat.


Garlic has been known for its amazing health properties, but the smell can be an awful side effect. Eating too much garlic can also give you heartburn and indigestion. It is the compounds in garlic that mix with the bacteria on your skin that lead to the skink. People who want the benefits of garlic without the smell can take odourless garlic capsules.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is pretty smelly before you eat it so it’s not surprising that it can affect your body odour too. The process that is used to make blue cheese can bring about a lot of bacteria. When you digest the cheese, the bacteria goes into the bloodstream and spreads through the body.

Green vegetables

Brussel sprouts, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are really good for your insides until you need to release some gas! These vegetables are packed with sulphur which makes you a bit windy. The gases which they produce are not sweet smelling. Limit these types of greens to when you plan on sending some time alone. I don’t need to be your friend after a plate of sprouts.


This herb is found in a lot of Middle Eastern food and can make you extra stinky. There is a compound in fenugreek which makes body odour smell worse. When the compound solotone mixes with the bacteria and sweat under your arms, it makes the smell go mad! Until you get it out of your system, the smell will remain. It also makes your urine smell like maple syrup. Yummy!

Red meat

People who eat red meat have a particular smell from their body odour. It might seem nasty but it isn’t a bad thing. Studies have shown that men who eat loads of red meat are less attractive to women. So much for being manly with your steak, turns out it makes you stink!


Foods that are high in fibre are good for digestion and keeping your gut healthy. High fibre foods contain a load of different things that can leave you bloated and gassy. When you digest the fibre, it releases the gases and then you have you have to release them from your gut.


Asparagus has a well-known history of making your urine stink rather than the rest of you. When you digest asparagus the compounds in the vegetable don’t get broken down. It is these compounds which make the stinky pee-pee. If you choose to eat it, then there is no way around it, you will stink out the bathroom for a while.


Onions have a way of making you smell all over. When you digest onions the compounds and oils in them go into the bloodstream. This lets the smell go to your skin and leaves some nasty BO. But it also heads to your lungs leaving you with bad breath. The rawer the onion, the worse the smell.

Durian Fruit

This fruit is considered a delicacy from Southeast Asia but it can cause a rancid smell. The mixture of carbohydrates and fat from the fruit make for horrible body odour for days to come. The smell is not just a bit nasty, it will leave you smelling like rotten flesh.


It’s not surprising that curry can leave a nasty odour. Spices from curry can stay in your body for days at a time. Remember the last time you had a really spicy curry and broke out in a sweat? The warming effect of curry makes you sweat more which makes you smell more.


This might be a surprising one for some people because mint is normally used to freshen breath. There are compounds in mint that can be smelly. When you chew mint you get the initial smell of freshness but when digested the compounds make a more stinky smell. You then sweat the smell through your pores.


Vinegar is distilled malt that has a pong all of its own. When you add vinegar to any food, it increases the acid content in your stomach. More acid in your belly means more acid that needs to escape. It can leave the body through the pores, through the lungs, and even as gas.

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