Janathon 2016- Day 4

Janathon flu

Sometimes we make some stupid excuses for not working out. I’m tired. I don’t have time. What good would it do me really? One one hand, I can see a valid point in all of these reasons. Or excuses, depending on your point of view.

As usual, today was a busy day, but then again it was a Monday, and the first Monday of the month. Actually first Monday of the year if I think about it. So, it was busy busy busy! While one of my children was back at school, one still had the day off because it was a staff development day. So my poor child had to be carted around with me while I paid bills, ran errands and done some shopping. On top of having to pay things like the rent and the electric bill, I had my dogs to get sorted. Diesel, my smelly old man, got treated to a couple of new doggy jumpers. And Krypto, the husky, had to go to the groomers. Don’t get me wrong, I groom Krypto all the time, but even I need some help with his multiple coat changes during the year. And did I mention that I had to do work on top of all this? Wow! How did I get through the day?


Clearly I had a lot on my plate today, and I probably could have gotten away with not working out or running on this occasion. But rather than making up some excuses, I decided to take the opportunity to have a quality time with one of my children and a fur-baby. We had an hour between the school run and the groomers, so we took advantage of this hour. I had planned on drinking coffee and sitting on my bum for a while but we went to the park. There is a park in the town centre that has free car parking that we like to use when we head to the groomers. Maybe it was the fact it was raining, maybe it was the fact it was Monday, but for once, the park was empty and I could let Krypto off the lead for a good run. He ran through water and mud. He ran around me. He ran with me. He ran into my little human and knocked him flying a few times. But we all loved it.

After an hour we went to the groomers and I felt so sorry for that poor girl. She was presented with a soggy husky who had a whiff of wee. Any other husky owners notice that? That they smell like pee when they are wet? Anyway, we must have had too much fun together because as I left, Krypto started crying….crying! My poor fluffy, smelly baby, was crying after me! Honestly, I think he hates me sometimes. Turns out, he just wants to run, a lot. So it looks like a run can be good for everyone. Children have fun running around a big patch of green. Animals get to stretch their legs outside of their house. It can be a family experience that can create bonds. And I never would have discovered this if I had sat on my bum, drinking coffee.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Krypto came back from the groomers looking lovely. Then he walked through every mucky puddle on the way back to the car. Son of a b……

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