Janathon 2016- Day 3

Janathon flu

Sunday is normally a day of rest for most people. Most people probably go to lunch with their family, or go to the park. I have no idea. I haven’t had a normal family Sunday in what seems like forever. And today was no different. Except there was a run in there at some point.

Normally for me, I exercise every day, except for Sunday. Sunday is my day of rest. Or rest day. Whatever you want to call it. And I wanted to rest today. But as they say, there is no rest for the wicked, I needed to get training for a 5k run. Despite the possible fact that I might be wicked because I never get any rest, I am a big believer in charity and giving to others, and I don’t want karma to punish me. As well as taking part in Janathon this month, I am trying to get a decent speed/time for running 5k. That might not sound like a big deal but it’s a charity run, and I don’t want to make a half-assed attempt at the time.

If truth be told, I probably do around 5k just running around my house all day but an 8 hour time is no good for running a race. And after the last couple of days, I needed to get my time sorted. Despite running the last few days, I haven’t been keeping an eye on my time. One reason for this is the fact that I hate running with my phone. I actually hate carrying my phone on me all day. And I’ll be honest, it’s an iPhone and I’d love an Apple watch to go with it!

Today I had planned to go for a run and keep my phone safely tucked away in a zipper pocket. Last thing I wanted was a repeat of what happened to my husbands phone….


The tragic accident that you see before was not the fault of my husband. Or maybe it was. He had his phone in a zipper pocket in his jacket. What he didn’t know was that his jacket pocket had a big hole in it. So there he was, cycling along, bumped the kerb, phone popped out through the hole. The was fine because he had a protective rubber case on it that will protect it in the event of being dropped. Do you know what it doesn’t protect the phone from? Idiots who drive too fast, see someone reaching for their phone off the road, who then speed up and run over the phone, and finish the entire experience off by giving the poor sod who dropped their phone, the finger. Charming bunch of people in this world. My husband came home completely gutted that his brand new phone had been smashed to pieces because of some turd who likes to run things over. I was more concerned about the fact that the SOB had mounted the kerb and nearly ran my husband over in order to smash a phone. He didn’t get the number plate and was just in pure shock at the entire event that he let it go. I haven’t. Not because of a broken phone but because someone pretty much tried to kill my husband for a quick thrill. I will never let that go.

My empty threats that I screamed into the air that day have come back to bite me in the spiritual ass from the looks of things. Not only have I been run off my feet the last few days and had no rest, I must have been punished as well today. Remember what I said about not wanting to damage my phone while running? Well, I didn’t even get that far. I like cleaning the bath by filling it with water and some bleach….guess where my phone went? Yep! Out of my pocket and for a quick swim in the bath.

Still went for a run. Have no idea what the time was and cried a little. My poor phone!

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