The Beauty Edit || November 2018 || Part 2

The beauty edit \\ November 2018 \\ part 2

Winter is here and that means that your skin is going to take a battering in the cold weather. This month I have pulled together some of the best beauty items I have tested recently that will be perfect for the winter months.

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Glam Glow Facemask

The beauty edit \\ november 2018 \\glam glow face mask
GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask 15g

I will admit, I was not happy with this when I first used this because it made my face go a bit red. But, that same day, I was getting my lashes done and asked the girls in the beauty place if they had heard of this brand. One of them had and we got chatting about how it had made my face a bit red. Apparently, that is normal. It completely strips the gunk, dead skin and other nasty stuff away.

Wikaniko’s Moringa Handmade Nag Champa Soap

wikanikos moringa soap \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018

I do like a bit of soap for when I’m in the bath. There is nothing like getting a good lather with a bar of soap instead of using a shower gel or body wash. This was a huge bar of soap that lasted ages in my bathroom. It had a beautiful scent and left my skin feeling really soft. But it didn’t leave the bath water really oily like some soaps can. This is definitely a luxury soap for some relaxation time.

Elysium Epsom Salts

Epsom salts \\ beauty edit \\ November 2018
TWO PACKS of Elysium Spa Epsom Salts Lavender 450g

When it comes to sore muscles, there is nothing like a bath with some bath salts. There are so many benefits to having a salt bath. I have been suffering from restless legs over the last few months and having a salt bath has completely stopped that annoying shake of the leg. One of the best things about this little packet was the price, they are super cheap compared to some of the other bags of salt. This little packet lasted for a couple of baths but you can also pop it into a basin of water for a warming foot soak if you feel a chill or a restless leg episode coming on.

111Skin Eye Gel

111skin eye gel \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018
111SKIN NAC Y2 Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel 15 ml

Let’s talk about under your eyes. If you have read any of my other stuff (like my recent parent post) you will know that we are all very busy but don’t want to look like we are struggling. Even if we aren’t struggling, under our eyes can make us seem older than we are. Enter eye gel! This little tube is not cheap (it costs around the £100 mark) but it is worth every penny. Eye gel lasts ages so why not invest in a tube that really works?

Benefit Dew The Hoola

benefit dew the hoola \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018
Face by benefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer 30ml

Over the warmer months, I didn’t want to wear too much makeup (who does?) so I ended up using this bronzer every day. It was amazing to use and I was so disappointed when it ran out. But, it doesn’t matter what time of the year you use this, this bronzer is easy to use and will give you a healthy glow, even under artificial lighting. Benefit is one of my favourite brands, even it is a bit pricey, but in my eyes it is worth it.

Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing

face mud \\ skincare \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018
NATURA SIBERICA – Northern Black Soap – Detox for Deep Facial Cleansing -Promotes vitality & skin elasticity Rich in precious oils & vitamins With active coal – 100 ml

I love a good face wash, especially for in the shower in the mornings. I was sent this by a PR and fell in love with it from the first use. My skin was left brighter and softer right away. It even comes with a handy little sponge to help you work the soap into your face. It looks a bit like a mud mask and smells like wild berries. This is another pricey one but it was amazing at keeping my skin soft. And soft, clear skin means that your makeup goes on (and stays on) better.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash and Body Lotion

shower gel and body lotion \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018
Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash 200ml
Weleda Organic Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion 200ml

When it comes to the winter, is there any better floral scent to use than rose? I love the smell of rose, and this body wash and lotion was perfect for the colder mornings in the shower for a bit of luxury. Weleda is probably one of the oldest brands that are organic, they have been at it for 95 years now. The shower cream and the lotion really bring a touch of luxury to the morning routine.

Vaquer Ice Repair Hair Mask

ice hair mask \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018

Ice ice baby! This might seem like a weird one for the colder weather but stay with me. This might be ice therapy for your hair but it is so refreshing first thing in the morning. It tingles your scalp like a super-minty detox and leaves your hair really soft and manageable. This is really hard to find, I’ve only seen it in my hairdressers up until recently, so if you happen to spot it when you are out and about, be sure to pick up a bottle. Trust me, you will thank me for it.

Beaver Hair Conditioning Spray

Beaver hair conditioner spray \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018

This is another for you ladies who like to abuse your hair. Although this is great even if you don’t. This is a daily spray that is great for detangling hair and helps prevent frizz. I really love how it leaves your hair shiny but not greasy looking after you use it. And it smells divine! This was a little bottle that I got my mitts on but it lasted a good while. This is perfect for keeping in your handbag and giving your hair a quick spray to stop it looking dry and dull as the cold weather sucks the will to live from it.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Beauty Oil

Nuxe beauty oil \\ the beauty edit \\ November 2018
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil 100ml

For my final product recommendation of the month, I present a multi-purpose oil that can fix nearly all of your beauty woes. Face drying out under the work heating system? Use this. Hair going dry and frizzy after getting wet on the way to work? Use this. Panda eyes because it rained and you forget your umbrella? Use this to remove your makeup and give your skin a great glow. I kept this in my handbag for all types of beauty emergencies.

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