Appreciating Your Own Beauty Every Single Day

appreciating your own beauty

It’s important to appreciate your own beauty every day. There are many reasons for this. One is that it helps you accept your flaws and feel confident in your virtues. It makes you more whole and complete. It also helps you ward against insecurity, because when you know who you are in the most intimate sense, you don’t care what other people think of you.

Here are a few morning efforts to allow you to feel this way. We’re sure they’ll help you assign to yourself the beauty that you deserve to feel on a daily basis:


It can be intrinsically wonderful to let yourself know of your own beauty through affirmations. Simply sit in front of the mirror and state ‘I am beautiful, I am good, I am kind, I belong, I am valuable’ or any other differentiation of this that you feel is most important. You can then go further with ‘I deserve to have a good day’ or ‘I am grateful’ or ‘I will take challenge in my stride.’ Sometimes simply admitting these things to yourself will give you the whole intrinsic experience necessary to feel at home and able no matter where you are. The effort in articulation is often very important in these instances too. It’s not enough to simply think things, you must bring that into reality by telling yourself these things. You will then become much more able to trust your own opinion of yourself and that is one of the only things that matters.

Admire Yourself

Admire yourself. You are you, and no one can take that away. There never has and will never be another one of you. Even if you’re identical triplet, you still are your own person, have your own style, and own personality. Celebrate this. Dance in front of a free standing mirror in your home, shaking your tail feather and love the skin you’re in. Complement yourself. Sometimes, finger guns are all you need to feel good about the day you’re about to have. Silliness and appreciation adds levity to your self-image, and for the most part this can work wonders in helping you feel good about yourself.

Work On Yourself

Working on yourself does not mean ‘just spend more in an effort to look more beautiful!’ If you don’t believe yourself pretty without makeup, you’ll likely feel masked and not accentuated with it. Working on yourself simply means being a good person. It means managing stress as well as you can. It means being positive more than negative. With a negative mind, even heaven would seem insufficient. With a positive mind, even a storm cloud has a silver lining. This is important when referring to the self-perception needed to feel comfortable in oneself.

Have you ever considered you are perfect as you are? It’s hard to accept this, because it means narrowing our sense of what is right, or rather what we have believed for some time. There’s every chance that who you are right now is simply who you should be. Flirt with this notion. It allows you to improve without being frantic about it, and it certainly makes looking in the mirror a much more positive experience.

With all this in mind, you are sure to appreciate your own beauty every single day.

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