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Everyone needs a bit of culture from time to time, so where do you go? For me, the Ulster Museum in Belfast is one of the best local museums for me and the family to visit. Is there any other place to spend the day of learning?

The museum is known for its vast collection of history and art. One of the best things about this museum is the entry is free! You can walk into the museum and view around 90% of the exhibits completely free of charge. There are some exhibits that you have to pay for from time-to-time. But for the most part, it is free, but you can leave a donation.

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The Ulster Museum is one of the largest museums in Northern Ireland and has a vast collection of exhibits. These include artefacts from the Spanish Armada, dinosaurs and fossils, and a huge zoology display. The dinosaur exhibit used to be a lot bigger, but there is still plenty to explore with the dinosaurs. One of the current exhibitions is the “Game of Thrones” tapestry. This 77-foot long tapestry tells the story of Game of Thrones. Another of the long-term exhibits is the Mummy. Takabuti the Egyptian mummy is a permanent display which was donated to the museum in 1835.

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There are plenty of interactive and child-friendly displays. Going to the Ulster Museum is a field-trip staple in Northern Ireland. Children have the chance to explore certain aspects of the displays or go into the playrooms to dress up in period costume. And, although it’s great that the kids can get hands-on, there are amazing works of art. One of my favourite as to be Rembrandt Self Portrait at 63. 

When you are finished with walking around the display, you can head to the cafe and grab a coffee. The sandwiches are amazing! The kids can get a mini cooked meal (like sausages) while you sip on a latte. And forget to head to the gift shop for a fridge magnet before you go.

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