11 Countries that don’t like Tourists

countries that don't like tourists

Being a tourist is a foreign country can be unnerving. Travel is one of those things that is on most people’s bucket lists. Maybe you just want to see the Highlands of Scotland. Or want to eat le pain au chocolat in France. It doesn’t really matter, you want to travel. But do you want to see the whole world? Probably not. Here are some of the most unfriendly countries in the world for tourists.

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Barbie is my Role Model

If there is one thing that is certain is this world, it is the fact that myself and Rayn will argue about anything. So when he starting bad-mouthing Barbie during a meeting as promotional tool for encouraging women to be dumb and pretty, I nearly reached through my laptop to punch him. He must have sensed it so he set me a challenge. I had to find five reasons why Barbie is awesome and “pink” wasn’t to be one of them. Prepare to have your mind blown as I delve into the reasons why I think Barbie is a positive role model for young girls.

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Am I basic?

There is a term being thrown about at the minute, maybe you have heard of it. The concept of the “Basic Bitch” is a newish thing to grace my attention mainly because someone called me it. Having never heard of the term I wasn’t sure if it was an insult or not. When I asked my friend what she meant, she just laughed. Apparently asking if you are basic is the most basic thing you can do.

But what is a basic bitch? I done a bit of poking about online and discovered a long list of things that makes a person basic. The term was originally a way to describe a woman who believed she was the dogs danglies when she wasn’t. Now it is a way to describe a woman who is “normal”. Not trendy, just normal. And boring, lets not forget about that. Things that made the lists included liking roses as your favourite flower, watching Sex and the City, spiced pumpkin lattes, and Ugg boots.  I love roses and I plan on having some at my wedding. I have seen every episode of Sex and the City (I even have them on DVD). I’ve never have a spiced pumpkin latte so I can’t comment there. And Ugg boots are my go-to boot of choice. So does this make me basic? I’m sure a lot of people are screaming “YES!!!” at their screens right now but I disagree, mainly because I thought I fitted into the “geek” category better.

So lets look at the evidence. When I’m running about in my Ugg boots, vest top, and hoodie, there is a good chance my socks have Wonder Woman on them. Sometimes I watch Sex and the City but I also watch Star Wars. And what’s wrong with roses? They are lovely and grow well in my garden. I love gadgets and smelly candles. I want to travel the world (including Paris). I have been doing yoga since I was 15 years old and pole fitness since I was 24 years old. When I get a bit drunk I become a woo girl, and then later in the evening I become the girl who needs bail money. I use the term girl crush these days because saying “I’d go gay for her” is offensive to everyone.