KappaCino Book Club || Taboo by Thomas Piggott

Taboo by Thomas Piggott

When it comes to writing, one of the key things to do is write what you know. It is one of the smarter things to do. Let’s face it, there is no point in writing about a subject that you have no knowledge of. But what if you have suffered a trauma in the past? Then writing can be great therapy and act as a way to examine those past hurts. But what if your past hurts are so awful that they can’t even be talked about? For this meeting of the KappaCino Book Club, we look at Taboo by Thomas Piggott.

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Why Katie Hopkins is a genius.

I’m a fan of controversy, I live for it. I bathe in the muck of righteous indignation and moral outrage. Give me a scandal and I’ll give you a massive, throbbing hate-erection. I’ve always had a certain respect for people who are able to take this little indignant seed that lives in all our bellies and cultivate it into a great, twist, painful plant, that takes roots in our intestines and grows our through our nostrils.

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