Meeting The Right Person || How To Make The Stars Align

meeting the right person || how to make the stars align

When it comes to finding the right person,  one we can date. Well, sometimes it feels we are chasing our goals in vain. It’s not easy to find the person who enthuses us, who we are physically attracted to, and who is genuinely a decent person. Almost everyone has flaws, and so do we, meaning that the dating game can often feel like a perilous minefield. How many of us have dated someone we were very impressed by only to find out they were already engaged with a romantic interest?

Sometimes it can feel like we need to make the stars align before we find Mr or Miss Right. However, there are ways around this. There are ways to ensure that you meet people with a higher degree of quality and general enjoyment than usual. We’d recommend the following steps to doing just that, and hope they work for you in all instances possible:

Stay Away From Dating Apps

Dating apps have exploded in popularity over the last years. Tinder, Bumble, Happn and many others promise instant communication meeting someone over the internet. More curated dating websites allow you to potentially make a profile that will be seen by many, and give a more true lens into who you are. However, these primary apps are often a little on the shallow side. For example, take Tinder. Tinder allows you to upload six photos and a small bio about yourself, as well as connect your Instagram and Spotify for an even bigger window into your personality.

However, Tinder is often curated by people of both sexes simply looking for hookups. While relationships can happen, the common community of the website understands that this is a rarity. If you’re looking for something a little more genuine, try to opt for methods that are a little less visual, and allow you to express who you truly are as a person. It sounds overly idealized and romantic, but you’d be surprised just how this paradigm shifts in communicating with new people.


Agencies are widely used and for good reason. They can often do the hard work for you. Submitting a long list of your dreams, hopes, personality traits and fears, you can be matched together with someone who acts as a perfect fit for you. This might not mean someone simply fitting your exact parameters. Sometimes being challenged is as good as being deeply related to. The best introduction agencies will often find a happy medium between the two, and facilitate your meeting. Sometimes the best way to meet someone is to allow this to happen, and when someone else is doing the work for you, you’re more open to new experiences and less worried about the potential results.


If you develop yourself as a person and pursue your hobbies, often people will be drawn to you. This is important to know if you hope to become more home in yourself, and not constantly worried about what a romantic interest thinks of you. Developing your hobbies will one day lead you to meet like-minded people, be that painting in your still life class, to writing or contributing to a local publication, to attending athletic events. The truth is that there are people all around, and so getting out there is often the best way to find success.

With all this in mind, you can be sure that the stars align and the right person finds you in due time.

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