I have no idea, what I am doing? || Confessions of a blogger

i have no idea, what am I doing? \\ Confessions of a blogger

If you are reading this, you are probably a blogger. Everyone goes into blogging for different reasons. Some go into it for the fame and fortune. Others do it to share knowledge or opinions on stuff. Whatever your reason for blogging, everyone is bound by the same rules, the rules of SEO.

So, what is SEO? In a nutshell….oh wait. It can’t be put in a nutshell. In fact, there are hundreds of books, articles, entire websites about SEO and what it means for you, the blogger. My understanding is “don’t put unnecessary tags on articles and write misleading titles in order to get views on your site”. I could be wrong with this but it seems like a pretty good rule to follow. But here is the problem. I am a writer, I blog, I’m supposed to know this sort of stuff. There have been times I have written stuff and an editor has gotten back to me saying that they need to change the title or the intro slightly to make it “more SEO”. That’s fine, I get it. This is someone’s business and they need to make sure that it shows up in search engines because that is where the audience comes from. Sure, every site has its regular readers and fans, but websites need to grow, and the best way to do that is with search engines.

Here lies the problem. For the talented writer who is only about “the writing” or the content of their site, they don’t really give a hoot about SEO. For many writers the idea of having to change their work of art slightly to get web traffic is horrifying. I might not be the most talented writer out there, but I do my best, and when someone emails me with “SEO issues” I want to slap them. How dare they want to change my hard work for an invisible thingy on the internet that means nothing to me! But I saw nothing and keep my thoughts on how it isn’t fair to myself.

The big question is, are there websites out there that have incredible content that would blow your mind, but we don’t see them because of SEO? The answer is, it’s highly probable. There might only be a handful of sites or hundreds of thousands. We will never know. This is pretty frustrating for me because I hate being lead to bad sites. You know the ones I am talking about. Ones that show up high in a search engine listing but turn out to be nothing but click-bait. Although things like bounce back rate and time spent on a site are included in the Google algorithmics, these sites get so many hits despite not actually having what we are looking for. And it is these sites, with poor content that are using SEO to their advantage.

So what should you take away with you from this article? Learn about SEO. I know that many of you reading this are probably throwing your hands in the air and want to slap me now but just think about it for a minute. You are probably a talented writer who has stopped by this site to help you. You want hints and tips because you believe that you create quality content but don’t seem to get the traffic that you deserve. And the thought of having to learn an entirely new skill just to get traffic really ticks you off. But one of the reasons that you don’t get traffic is because you aren’t playing by the rules. And all of those other sites, who maybe don’t deserve the traffic, are getting your fame and fortune instead.

Learn SEO. Because if you play by the rules and use them to your advantage, along with your quality content, you will get the traffic that your site deserves. And maybe clickbait sites will become a thing of the past.

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