9 people who risked their lives to save animals

9 people who risked their lives to save animals

When disaster strikes everyone does their best to save their loved ones. But what if your loved one is an animal? Or you just love animals? Here are some heartwarming stories about people who risked their own lives to save their fuzzy friends.

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Head over high water

A man had braved the high flood waters to bring a dog to safety. What makes this story so special is that the dog is so calm in the photos of the rescue, knowing that he is being saved. The man looks like he is getting on in years too, so this rescue must have been tough for the both of them.

A man with porpoise

After a flood water filled the rice fields, a small porpoise found itself cut off from home and from its family. Rather than let it die, a man lifted it and carried it to safety. This guy clearly has a life filled with love to save it, or maybe he’s a man with a porpoise in life.

Save the kitty

A poor kitty cat must not know how much danger it was really in. The flood waters from this rescue are nearly as tall as the tree behind the house. Still, a worker braved the water to make sure that this cat didn’t get its mittens wet. That white fur would look terrible mud-stained.

Dog-gone day

When flood waters hit Eastern Europe, the locals made the best of the situation by using tractors to get around in the high water. That’s no good if you are a tiny dog. A firefighter decided to use the spare moments he had between saving people to get a dog to somewhere safer.

Floating in the river

A poor dog was swept up in the flood waters and held on to a log. When locals found him, he was tired and scared. Thankfully they got him out of the water and dried off. I don’t think that this dog will be chasing sticks into the water again.

Let’s go for a bin ride

When disaster struck, one lady was so determined to save her dog, she used whatever came to hand. Trying to keep a big dog dry during a flood is not an easy task. This lady decided that using her big bin with wheels would be a great way to transport her furry friend to safety.

Forget the rules

Firefighters are not supposed to rescue animals from burning buildings. They are supposed to rescue the humans and then contain the blaze before it spreads and puts other human lives at risk. One firefighter risked his job and his life to save a little fur ball from a burning building.

Don’t have a cow

In parts of the world, losing your herd can be life or death. This farmer in India was determined that once the flood was gone, his family would survive. It might have been kind of him to save them but it was also a smart move to save his business.

Tough guy

Tough guy and MMA fighter Cathal Pendred was having a day at the beach when someone discovered a beached dolphin. Rather than wait on help, Pendred scooped up the dolphin and walked into the ocean. Now that’s a fighter for animals!

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