11 Countries with the Most Advanced Army Technologies

advanced army technologies

Advanced Army Technologies sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. War is a scary thing at the best of times, but some countries have technology so advanced it could easily wipe out the competition. From tanks to sci-fi tech, these armies have some of the most advanced equipment.

United States

The United States has been testing and experimenting with military technology for years. Some of the most advanced (and unknown) equipment is used by the US Army. This tech is so advanced, it has been part of pop culture and conspiracy theories since the 1950’s. Was that UFO you just saw an alien spaceship or the latest US spy plane?


India has not only been quietly updating their equipment over the years. They have also been developing a lot of their own technology. India recently got two new nuclear submarines and a new aircraft carrier. India claims that all of their weapons are for self-defence in the event of an attack.


Japan has developed some of the most advanced robotics for civilian use in the last twenty years. What they have kept for military use is unknown. Japan might be a small country but their advanced army technologies will allow them to defend themselves from any country.


France is currently adding more equipment and technology to its arsenal. It is developing a future soldier programme for its infantry troops. Advanced communications and weapons are being developed to help protect troops during combat. The FELIN weapon system is being added to all of the vehicles.


Iran has made it their business to get the most advanced technology. Before the revolution, the USA helped them get a lot of their equipment. Their equipment includes anti-air, anti-tank and fighter planes. They have learnt the skills to repair all their own equipment, including their submarines.


Nazi Germany developed many weapons during World War 2 and after the War, this information was shared between the Allied Forces. Since then the German Army has continued to advance itself further. Rumours have claimed that Germany has developed vehicles that can climb mountains.


Russia has had some of the most advanced technology over the last few decades. Nuclear warheads, submarines, tanks are part of their force. It has been rumoured that they are developing a super soldier programme using mind-controlled exoskeletons for combat use.


The Italian Army has many different technologies at their disposal. Not only do they have submarines and tanks, they have received tech from some of the most advanced tech companies in the world. They are currently taking part in a project called “Soldato Futuro”, The Future Soldier Project.

North Korea

North Korea has been rumoured to be developing weapons of mass destruction. They have developed biological, chemical and nuclear weapons in small numbers over the last few years. It’s not known how big their supply is but they have made it clear that they can fight their enemies.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has over 250,000 active members in its army. There is an entire division of soldiers which maintain the technology and equipment that they use. Although the British Empire is a lot smaller than it used to be, it makes sure it has the most advanced tech available.


A few years ago, China had the basic technology for its army. Since the 1960’s China has worked hard to catch up with the USA. It now has over 2 million active service members and equipment to rival the USA, including nuclear warheads, biological weapons and chemical weapons.

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