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What if you could take a pill and access 100% of your brain? What would you do if you had limitless potential? This is the question that is placed before us in this 2011 movie. Starring Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish.

The Plot

Eddie is an unsuccessful writer and his life is falling apart around him. But a chance encounter with his former brother-in-law turns his world upside down. NZT is the newest drug that unlocks the potential of the human mind. When Eddie takes NZT for the first time, he cleans his apartment for the first time in months and finally writes the first part of his book. Knowing that he needs the drug to continue with this sort of clarity, he goes to his brother-in-law for more. While Eddie pops out to get them breakfast after making an initial deal with his new dealer, and while he is gone, his brother-in-law is murdered. Eddie takes his stash of money and NZT, reports the murder, and goes on with his life.

Eddie finishes his book, learns how to work the stock market, and can learn new languages within a few days. His life seems to be going up. But the side effects of NZT start to take hold and he begins losing parts of his day. He also borrows money from a Russian loan shark and starts to draw attention from the wrong people. Is NZT the answer to his prayers? Or will he suffer a burnout?


Thoughts on the story

What if you could take a pill and increase your brain power? It’s an interesting question. Everyone wishes that they could be better in some way. But would you risk it all by using a drug? What Eddie seems to experience extreme clarity after taking NZT. There is some effort Eddie’s part but it’s very little. One thing that did strike me was that Eddie had no great challenges. It must be nice having everything happening with ease, but it all seems very easy. Personally, if given the option, I don’t think I would take something like this. There is a real sense of satisfaction from seeing your hard work come good.


Limitless is a movie that puts the question forward, “What would you do if you were limitless?” Bradley Cooper plays his part well as the down-and-out writer who transitions into someone of power. The special effects do the film justice as it helps to show how Eddie’s perception changes when he takes NZT. This movie is a must for anyone who has thought about changing their life.

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