How to make money from home

How to make money from home

One of the questions I get asked all the time is do I make money working from home? The simple answer is yes, the complicated answer is yes too. But how do people manage to make money from home? Thankfully, I have the pleasure of knowing loads of people who are making money within the comfort of their own homes. Read on for some ways that you can join that party too.

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No matter which one of the options you decide to go with, make sure that you have proper qualifications and insurances for going into business for yourself. Although it might not seem complicated (and in some ways, it isn’t) you will need to make sure everything is legal and above board before you start trading.


Blogging is one of those things that anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can do. But, in order to be profitable, it tends to be easier if you have your own site. I have used various free platforms over the years and they can be restrictive. I prefer having my own domain so I can manage everything myself. It is pretty easy to set up and you can use a digital agency to help get you up and running if you don’t know where to start.

Be Creative

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My mum has a little side gig were she makes little, knitted dolls and sells them (you can check out her Facebook page here) at craft fairs and online. This is just a hobby that she started a few years ago and people wanted to buy the dolls from her because they liked them so much. So she started taking orders and making them for people. Now, she likes to sit and make them and take them to craft fairs, she loves being part of the craft fair community.

Personal Trainer

Health and fitness is having a massive surge at the minute and plenty of people are looking for trainers to help them get the body of their dreams. Becoming a personal trainer takes some training (ba dum tish!) and you can qualify pretty quickly. Some programmes take days to complete, some take weeks or months, it just depends on what ones you choose. You will also need to be trained in first aid and have public liability insurance.

Freelance Writing

Despite what people say, freelance writing is not the same as blogging. Blogging gives you pretty much complete freedom with what content you produce. Freelance writing is very different and writing work is often for other sites or publications. Bloggers can be freelance writers, but you can be a freelance writer and not need a blog. Make sense? *Yes Lindsay, clear as mud*.

Pet Services

If you are a pet owner, you will know how important pet services can be. I hated when Krypto had his annual winter coat blow out, and if you have ever seen a husky in full-blown shedding season you will know why I get excited about testing vacuum cleaners. When that time came around, he went to the groomer. There is also dog walking services and pet sitting services for people who don’t want to kennel their pets when they go on holiday.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a new thing to come out over the last few years and most people have probably never heard of it. In a nutshell, a virtual assistant (or VA as they are often called) is an assistant that operates online and deals with office tasks via the internet. For example, I could hire a VA and they could open my emails and schedule my social media, basically do a lot of my little, yet time-consuming, jobs that I have. And because they work online, I don’t need to make small talk while they fetch my coffee.

Product Testers

Who wants to get a new vacuum cleaner to test out and get paid for it? Me! Product testers are one of those jobs that you hear about but can never seem to find. Or I can’t find them. But they do exist. Normally they are hired by marketing companies to test out the latest products and they get to keep them when they are done. I will admit, I’ve been sent plenty of stuff to test out over the years but I’m still waiting on a hoover or a hairdryer to try out.

Mystery Shoppers

This is something I did for about a year and it was great fun. Basically, mystery shoppers get sent to a business with a list of tasks and see how the staff do. Normally it will be a list of awkward things and you become the customer from Hell but that is the fun with it. Mystery shoppers also get a budget to buy stuff and get paid for their time. The only problem is you have to leave the house with this one and the hours aren’t very regular.

Sell stuff online

This is a bit like the crafty point above but selling stuff doesn’t have to be limited to stuff that you make. My hubby often gets his hands on furniture that people want to be dumped but the pieces are still in good condition or would make great upcycle projects. Or you could just have a clear out once or twice a year to get rid of anything that you aren’t using anymore. This can also be a great way to deal with unexpected expenses that might come up. I recently opened my own online outlet, CJC Outlet, to run alongside my site (perfect for all you girl bosses)


This was another one of my mum’s stay-at-home jobs, but she didn’t start childminding until my daughter was born. If you have kids at home, then why not offer your services as a childminder? Not only will you be providing a service to working parents, but you can also earn some money to help with your own household. Childminding can be really rewarding and can help socialise your kids with others.


I know plenty of people who have started to bake cupcakes and cakes from the comfort of their own kitchens and made a fantastic little business from it. A lot of people are surprised that you are allowed to bake from your home kitchen but as long as it is up to code, you have regular inspections and have the proper insurances, then you are good to go.

Digital Design

If you have an eye for design then you might want to try digital design. This is an offshoot of graphic design but it uses computer software to create those pretty pictures instead of drawing them by hand.  This is actually a growing field as many bloggers and freelance writers need logos and graphics to go with their websites and ebooks.


This is one of those jobs that can go in a couple of different directions. Some people are able to sell photos of sunsets and birds in order to make a living, and some people need to do that plus weddings, births and everything in between. While it might be tempting to have a studio set up in your house, this is something you need to think really hard about if you are deciding that this is the career for you.

Write a book

Writing a book is hard, like really super hard! Don’t believe me? Look down the sidebar of the site here, and that book there, Newtownards in the Great War, I wrote that. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, and I’ve given birth three times! But, if you have something of value to share with the world, go for it. You don’t even need to go down the route of traditional publishing like I did. Many bloggers have written e-books about various subjects.

Resume Writer

Do you know how important it is to have the perfect resume? Having a good resume is the starting point for anyone who is wanting to make a career change but loads of people have no idea how to write one properly. And those people who have the qualifications and the drive to get up the career ladder quickly are willing to pay people to create a masterpiece of a resume to help them land their dream job.

Hairdresser, beauty therapist, holistic services

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If you have the qualifications as a hairdresser or beauty therapist, then you can still work from home. I know plenty of people who started off in salons and branched out to offer mobile services, now that is all that they offer. I also have friends that work out of a dedicated space in their home. My friend Lisa over at Naturally Clean NI offers reiki and holistic services out of her dedicated pod in her garden in the middle of the countryside.

House cleaner

This is another great one for mums with school-age kids. Once you drop the littles off, you can head around to your client’s homes and get cracking with the cleaning. You can set your own hours and do it while the kids are at school so you won’t need childcare (apart from the holidays).  This is another one that you have to leave the house for but at least you can work it around school hours.


Tutoring is a great one if you have a special skill set that you can share. Some people tutor on school subjects, some in sports or music. I know loads of different music tutors who make plenty of money working from their own homes and get plenty of use out of their instruments helping people of all ages to learn a new skill.

What do you guys think? Do you work from home? Let me know of any other suggestions down below in the comments.

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