Do you even date, bro? || Online dating

do you even date, bro? online dating

I have talked about online dating a few times in the past, but I tend to think about it from the ladies point of view. But here are some things that guys should know about online dating.

Make time for your dates

This might seem really obvious but if you don’t make time for your dates, they won’t be successful. If you decide to meet someone from a site, make time and plan the date out. Choose a nice place, get ready (including showering and clean clothes) and give your special friend for the evening your attention. There is nothing worse than someone who has made no effort on a date, it’s a complete turn-off.

Get your friends to help

Now, when I say, get your friends to help I don’t mean bring a bunch of single men in Glasgow out on the date with you. Bounce ideas of what to wear and where to go with your friends. They might know the best restaurants to go to or where plays good music. They can be really helpful if you decide to date someone with different tastes than you. Your friends should support you and help you with your dating journey.

Sell yourself

Get your dirty minds out of the gutter! Don’t sell yourself like that! You need to let people know who you are and what your interests are. For example, if you are looking at Manchester dating because you are either a Man City or Man United fan, then let your prospective partners know this. What are your skills? Can you climb mountains? Burp your ABC’s? Sell those good qualities that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Be open minded

This is a statement that can be taken any number of ways, but you need to remember that people are individuals that won’t like the same things as you. The people on the Norfolk dating scene might be completely different from people on the Sheffield dating scene. And that is ok. Regional differences should be expected and embraced. The important thing to remember that people will be different from you. And if those interests don’t go against your core beliefs, then what is the harm?

Stay Safe

This is advice that normally gets given to the ladies but it applies to your men too. There is no point in travelling across the country to meet someone who has been part of the Shropshire dating scene when you are in London. Especially if you haven’t told your friends. If you do meet someone online, stay safe and be smart. Regardless of the distance you are travelling for a date, make sure you tell someone where you are going.

Don’t just be online

As tempting as it is to sit behind your computer screen and chat to people, you should meet them in the flesh. And if you aren’t comfortable doing the whole club and dinner thing, try something else. Suggest a cookery class or a day at the museum. Thinking outside the box for a date can be a great idea to break the ice. Adult dating should be fun and not just hidden behind a screen.

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