3rd Degree by James Patterson || KappaCino Book Club

3rd Degree by James Patterson || KappaCino Book Club

Lindsay Boxer is back with the Women’s Murder Club in 3rd Degree with her close friends who help her with cases and life. This is the third in the series and this time we see the ladies pitted against a terrorist group and their own emotions as one of the group is murdered.

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Lindsay is enjoying a Sunday morning with her friend Jill when she first spots the bruises and can’t help but wonder if everything is ok between Jill and her husband. As they part ways, San Fransico is shaken by an explosion at a townhouse. At first, it looks like it might be a gas leak but after the remains of a bomb are found, things start to take a sinister turn. The ladies of the Women’s Murder Club look like they are up against a terrorist group who are determined to use violence as a way to spread their message.

Thoughts on the Story

This is third in the series and we get to dive into the ladies lives a bit deeper. This time we learn more about Jill and her relationship with her husband, Rick. Jill has been the victim of domestic violence for a number of years but since she lost the baby in the last story, Rick had escalated his malice towards her. While Jill and her marriage is going down the toilet, Lindsay finds herself in the middle of a possible new relationship with the Deputy Director of Homeland Security, Jo Molinari. Molinari comes to town after the events of the terror campaign start to unfold as the Vice President is a possible target. Because this is the third book, we are now getting to see more of a background for each of the women and learning more about how they work as a group.

Thoughts on the Author

This is the second time that James Patterson has teamed up with Andrew Gross. The first time being on the book 2nd Chance, the 2nd book in the Women’s Murder Club series. James Patterson is best known for his thrillers and this series is considered one of his most popular with the Alex Cross novels pipping the ladies to the post.


I am a big fan of this series and 3rd Degree didn’t disappoint. In 2nd Chance, we were left feeling a bit deflated as Lindsay wrestled with her grief after losing Chris. But now she has come out the other side of it and is becoming a more focused police officer. We also see how the relationship from the first two books has evolved with Lindsay trusting Cindy (a reporter) more than ever. As a stand-alone book, I don’t think it would work because there is so much backstory in the previous two books.

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