Top tips for moving house

moving house

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things that you will ever do. But there are things that you can do to help get your life from one house to another.

Moving house top tip #1- Plan ahead

This might be one of the most obvious things but it’s surprising how many people don’t think ahead. How many rooms do you have? What can be packed away for now? Where can you get boxes? Is the house you are moving to bigger or smaller? All of these things need to be considered. And the sooner you can start boxing stuff up, the better. It’s incredibly hard to box your life up, it will take time.

Moving house top tip #2- Get good packing materials

Again, this might seem obvious. You don’t need to invest in state of the art tubs and wrapping, but avoid using boxes that look like they have been in a boxing ring! A good banana box can hold heavy books and DVDs. Black bin bags can easily carry soft toys, blankets and clothes. Newspapers have been used for years to wrap valuables. There is no need to invest in mountains of packing materials. But do get plenty of packing tape because it will hold everything together. Okay, maybe not your nerves but everything else should be fine.

Moving house top tip #3- Choose a reputable firm

It might be tempting to cut corners here but you really shouldn’t. A reputable firm won’t mind you ringing around for different quotes. They won’t bad mouth other firms either. Although many firms are rivals, if a job is better suited to another company they will recommend each other. Each company has a different set of skill sets. Some companies can move pianos, others can’t. It’s that sort of thing. And beware the white van man. You might get offered a good deal but there is a good chance that they aren’t properly insured to carry your valuables. Although their van might be insured for the road, they need to have in transit insurance. This protects and insures your valuables in the event of them having an accident with your life in the back of their van. There have been plenty of scams over the years so you might be better choosing a known removal firm.

Moving house top tip #4- Don’t forget the garage

The garage, the loft and the garden shed are some of the most common rooms to forget about. But they are also the rooms that have the most stuff! This is also the perfect time to clear out all that junk that seems to have collected in there over the years. Try and clear these areas out first, once they are done you can box up stuff from other rooms and store it. This will help getting your stuff out of the house a lot quicker.

Moving house top tip #5- Accidents happen

If you have packed your stuff well and picked a good firm to help you move, then everything should arrive in one piece. However, accidents do happen. If there is anything that is of serious value, then take it yourself in your own car. Your items might be insured in the back of the van but your granny’s crystal is priceless. If you feel safer and less stressed, then carry it yourself.


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