The Importance of Good Windows

The Importance of Good Windows

Modern houses are fab, aren’t they? We have wonderful items to make our lives easier but one of the most impressive things in any home are the windows. Don’t believe me? Well, more fool you then.

Believe it or not, I’m old enough to remember wooden frames and single glazing. It was awful. You could hear every sound from outside. They were always cold and wet. They were really brittle and could smash easily. They were beyond sucky. I can still remember how to repair them. But now, I’m in a house that has double glazing, but even it can have its problems.


Condensation on your windows is a sign that the temperature of the glass is too low for the room. Water vapour hits the window and cools to form water droplets. On the outside of the window, you can use a squeegee to get rid of the water. But if it is stuck between the two panes, then you need an expert out. The seal around the windows has a fault and needs a professional fix. But if you get some good quality double glazed windows, this is something that might never happen.


One of the easiest ways to lose heat in your home is through the windows. There are loads of different reasons that your windows develop a gap for a draught. Hinges can go out of alignment with general wear and tear, and dirt. The best way to prevent this is to keep the area where the hinges are clean. This means sticking the hoover nozzle in and getting the dirt out of the nooks and crannies.

Broken handles

Hands up who has a friend that slams their windows shut? If you don’t know anyone who does it, then it’s probably you. As tough as window handles are, they can only take so much abuse and can break if you are too rough with them. Broken handles are not just a pain, they are important for the safety of your home. Handles can snap, keys can break in the locks, or they can just jam in place and stop them from opening.

Forlorn frames

Plastic and PVC frames are designed to last a long time but they can take a battering. When the frames get a bit discoloured, a good clean can bring them up again and is generally nothing to worry about. But if they have chips and cracks, that’s another story. Sometimes, if the crack or chip isn’t that big, you probably won’t know it is there until you go looking. But if they are really big, they can let in moisture, let out heat, and might be a security risk. Good quality can take a real kicking, literally.

And there you have it. Investing in good quality double glazing can help reduce these problems from happening so always be sure to use a good company. That way your windows can last a lifetime with the minimum amount of fuss and just a little maintenance.

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