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Light. Natural light. Light from a bulb. Changing the lights in your house shouldn’t be that hard, right? Well, that depends on what you want, but let’s see if I can shed some light on the subject…*ba boom tish!* and help you make a decision.

For the last while, I have struggled with the house I live in. I will admit, I don’t like it. It is a cheap rental that I have been stuck in for the last few years because I can’t justify moving to something more expensive. Until I’m a wealthy writer who swishes around in silk bathrobes and fluffy mules, I will have to make do with this dump. But, it doesn’t have to be a dump! And here are some tricks about lights that I have been using until I can afford those slippers…

At the minute, I’m doing the bathroom and hit a snag when it came to the light in there. Actually, all of the lights are annoying me. But I want to make the place nice, but without spending a fortune for my landlord to benefit.

Don’t change what is already there

Lindsay, what are you talking about? You just said..!

I know what I just said, but wait! What I mean is “don’t remove the swinging bulb and replace it with an expensive light fitting”. It is possible to get some beautiful light shades that cover the manky bulb. There are loads of ideas available at your favourite design light shop. The beautiful thing about this idea- when you move you can take your light with you because it’s not a fitting or fixture. You can spend a bit more because it is removable.

Lamps are everything

Right now, it’s the middle of winter. At night, I am putting on lamps in the bedrooms and living room to help make the place feel cosy. Lamps are one of the easiest ways to create a soft light to relax with at night. And the great thing about them is they can be used all year round. Even in the summer, when dusk is setting in, pop on a lamp. Even if you have a cheap lamp with a cheap shade, you can soften it and create something new by placing some soft fabric over it*.

*Disclaimer- be careful when doing this as not all fabrics are safe and can catch fire. Do this at your own risk*


Lights can be features

Do you know what I looking forward to when I have a big hallway? A feature light. That might seem a bit sad but if you look at big beautiful houses, they all have big feature lights in the hallway. They are all designed to make you go wow! I admit, people say that wow when they walk into my house now but that is for a different reason. But don’t confuse “statement lighting” with “old-fashioned”. As much as I love my vintage, a chandelier would destroy me. That is a lot of glass to polish and a lot of places to catch dust. Lighting designer, Paula Arntzen, has an amazing selection of contemporary feature lights over at Studio Arntzen that will make you wow for all the right reasons.

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Changing bulbs

This might sound a bit silly but hear me out. Changing the bulbs in your lights can help change the feel of a room. Switching the energy-saving bulbs can help bring down electricity bills, but lower wattage can help too. A lower wattage can also help create a softer light to sit in. But if you need a bright light for working with, a lamp that you can focus the light on your workspace is a much better option.

Those are my ideas on how to change the mood with lights. Would you guys consider changing the lights and shades in your house to increase the wow factor?

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