The Often Neglected Chores (That REALLY Shouldn’t Be)

the often neglected chores

We all want our homes to look as lovely as possible, smell wonderfully fragrant, and most all be completely safe havens for all of the family. Unfortunately, there are a number of often neglected household chores that can make this pretty difficult, to say the least.

If you don’t do the following chores regularly (or even ever) start doing them now and your home will be a much better place than it undoubtedly is already:

Cleaning Your Dryer’s Lint Filter

It never ceases to amaze me how many people go for months, even years never cleaning out their dryer’s lint filter. Not only can this cause the machine to break down prematurely and operate inefficiently, but it can actually cause a fire hazard, so you simply must take the time to clean it out, ideally once a week. But if you have furbabies, clean it everytime you use it.

Cleaning the Drains

When was the last time you cleaned out the drains of your own accord? Probably when your home started to smell bad instead of being infused with its usual wonderful aroma. It’s madness to wait until your home smells bad and your drains or on the verge of needing some serious attention from Drain Boss to unclog them when you can very simply take better care of them by doing this regularly. Obviously, if it’s something more serious, calling in the guys I mentioned above is probably a good idea, but if you stay on top of things, it needn’t come to that.

Clearing the Gutters

At this time of year, if you aren’t regularly clearing out your gutters, you’re opening yourself up to a leaking roof and an standing water which could cause your drains problems, not to mention your home’s foundations. So, bite the bullet, get up the ladder and clear out those leaves and other debris for gutters that function as they should.

Cleaning Your Fridge’s Coils

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Some people never do this because they don’t realise they need to and because most coils are out of sight, they really are out of mind. However, keeping those coils on your Smeg fridge free of dust and grime will ensure that your fridge doesn’t have to work quite so hard. That means you’ll use less energy and your fridge will last longer too!

Cleaning Your Cleaning Cloths

This is another chore that is often neglected, but if you’re cleaning your kitchen surfaces. For example, with cleaning cloths that themselves haven’t been cleaned in a week or so, then you might as well not have bothered. The easiest way to clean cloths and sponges is by putting them in the microwave for sixty seconds, so you have no excuse really, so get to it!

Cleaning the Oven

It’s not really a pleasant job, and it can be quite hard work to get rid of all of that grease and grime, so many people leave it a while, but were you aware that a buildup of grease can actually cause your oven to set on fire?! Start cleaning it monthly and you’ll be a whole lot safer as well as having a much more sparkling kitchen!

No more neglecting these chores!

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