3 Ways To Ruin Your New Sofa (And How You Can Stop It From Happening)

how to protect your new sofa

The big day has finally arrived, and the delivery men have kindly delivered your beautiful new sofa. Taking pride of place in your living room, you can finally shut the door on that tatty old thing you have been sitting on for years, and now enjoy the luxury of this elegant piece that has replaced that uncomfortable eyesore. Or can you? What if your feelings of joy have been replaced with anxiety? You want to preserve your sofa, but your home has often been a haven of disaster, and you are worried your new possession won’t stay in its glorious state for long. Fear not, I am here to help you counter any threats that can ruin your new sofa.

Threat #1: Animal warfare

protect your sofa from dogs

It’s your sofa, but as you probably know from experience, you are often having to share cushion space with your pet pooch and kitty. With their grubby paws and sharp claws, it’s no wonder your old sofa didn’t last for very long. So, what can you do about it? It’s time to lay down some ground rules for your pets. Every time they try and jump up and offload their hairs onto your new couch, tell them to get down. Designate an area in the room where they are allowed to relax by buying them their own pet supplies, from a new bed to a scratching post for kitty, giving them no reason to invade your sofa space in the first place. At night time, keep your pets in another room, removing the temptation to climb up onto your cushions when you have finally gone to bed. Job done!

Threat #2: Child attack

You aren’t the only one to love your sofa. Your kids don’t care about its value, whether it’s a piece of traditional furniture or something more modern. To them it’s a veritable playground of joy, be it part of an ad-hoc obstacle course or something akin to a bouncy trampoline. Then there are your kid’s sticky fingers to contend with, from chocolate to bogies, as well as the vast quantities of sugary fluids they will insist on drinking while sitting on your beloved sofa. Help! So, treat your kids like your pets! Lay down ground rules – no sweets or drinks while sitting on the sofa; no putting their muddy feet up; wash hands after eating messy foods- and make these rules a law that your children have to stick by. Alternatively, as you did with pooch and kitty, purchase some child-sized furniture and keep them off your sofa until they have learned the basics of cleanliness.

Threat 3: Your carelessness

It would be wrong for us to always blame your children and animals for ruining the sofa. Yes, quite often they are the culprits but let’s face it, sometimes you can be the one to blame. That sneaky glass of wine on a Friday night has a tendency to spill when you’re a little bit squiffy. And if you haven’t given up the smoking habit yet, your cigarette ash is going to burn a few nasty holes in that lovely fabric. The answer? For those unsightly wine stains, read this useful article to help you eliminate the problem. Where smoking is concerned, you should smoke somewhere safe, or do your very best to kick the habit. Oh, and perhaps practice what you preach to your children, and eat messy foods in the dining room, and not while sitting on your precious throne.


To preserve the glory of your wonderful new sofa for as long as possible, follow my advice. I haven’t covered every threat, of course, but use your common sense. Alternatively, cover your sofa, children, and pets, in bubble wrap, just to be on the safe side. Just kidding!

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