My 2018 in review

My 2018 in review || The best of 2018

Depending on who you speak to, they will regard 2018 as the best or worst year of their lives. Some people hit their goals and left the year healthy and happier. Others experienced the death of loved ones and tragedy. For me, 2018 was a mixed bag of emotions that didn’t turn out like I planned.

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Just like everyone else, I started the year with a “New Year New Me” attitude, but how was I going to do it? I decided my first port of call was to revamp the site and get an idea of what I wanted to do after winning a couple of blogging awards. One thing was for sure, I was about to set off on a long and hard journey to get my book published. After some crossed wires over the years, I was finally back in touch with my publisher after the guy who handled me retired. Since signing my contact, I had changed emails, changed my name after getting married, and had made our family even bigger. I not too sure how it happened but January saw me sending my finished manuscript over to the publishers for the long editing process.


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This month I was finally able to lift the lid on my book and confirm that it was getting published and I had proof it was happening, I was sent a mock cover for it. I nearly died when I saw it! This gave me a much-needed boot up the arse to get moving with stuff and get everything on track. I began searching for help and inspiration from women who have been paving the way for the rest of us. There are so many books out there for women who want to make it in the workplace or in business, it would make your head spin. The KappaCino Book Club had a new direction to go in and I wasn’t going to be short on material for it.


As we headed into spring, there was new stuff happening all over the place. One of the biggest was my mum’s new dog. After years of saying that she would never have another dog after the death of Sophie (her beloved German Shepherd), she found herself in an awful position one night. One of the girls she worked with was about to take a little pup to be put down because no rescue centre would take it. As the owner of several rescue dogs, I will go on the record and say that is a shitty reason to get a dog put down. My mum agrees with my attitude and told the girl to hand the pup over to her. There was no way that my mum would allow a little puppy to be put down because someone doesn’t have time for it. And so, Lucy became the newest member of the family.


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This was a pretty big month for me as this would see me run the Virgin London Marathon, the first marathon I had ever attempted. We all took a trip to London as a family and made a weekend of it. This was probably the closest thing to a holiday that we have had in years, which is kind of sad. Over the weekend, we walked the legs off ourselves and ate so much food. The kids had a blast on the Underground and I got the chance to meet up with the amazing and wonder Helen for a Park Run and dinner. This trip was also part of my husbands and daughters birthday (there is less than a week between their birthdays).


Recovering from the marathon wasn’t easy, in fact, I was really sick afterward. We put it down the heat, the tummy bug I had the week before, the lack of training….it all added up. I got around the marathon in one piece but I was not great afterward.  I ended up having to ditch the gym and take some time to try and recover. We still had family things to do and enjoyed getting out and about, but I was so tired most of the time. Thankfully, as the school year was starting to wind down and the mornings weren’t dark, I managed to hold it together and had the occasional nap.


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It was birthday time for my eldest son and the heat began to hit the country. There was plenty of time at the beach in the warm water, barbeques, and family days out. It would be around this time that I discovered what was wrong with me after the marathon. As it turns out, I may not have done the marathon alone, I may have had a little hitchhiker along for the ride. Yep! Turns out the fatigue I was feeling was not marathon blues but the beginnings of pregnancy! I’m not going to lie, we were pretty shocked but once we had time to process the news (and I stopped telling my husband I was never having sex with him again) we were over the moon.


The summer holidays were in full swing which means lie-ins and taking it easy. LOL! I’m a parent, I don’t get lie-ins. Although I was tired, we still continued to do our family stuff, I tried to learn and grow my writing business, and we just plodded on. The site was starting to take a nice shape and I started to find a routine with it. Could it be? Was I finally getting the knack of this blogging business? In between all of the family fun and blogging stuff, I was still working with the publisher to get the book sorted. As it turns out, editing a book is just as difficult as writing it.


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Getting ready for back to school was on the agenda for this month and I was determined that the kids would go back with everything they needed this year, probably for the first time ever. We had plenty of days out and explored the local area instead of having a holiday away. Besides, we had already done London, I had done enough flying for this year! Meanwhile, I managed to change some more things about my site and launched a new series which was focused on self-improvement.


The big kids headed back to school and we got great news from my daughter, she was picked to be Head Girl of her school! After launching the new series on self-improvement the month before, I saw my site through new eyes and starting planing a load of new content. Meanwhile, Jack was picked for the choir in school and everyone was settling into the new school year.


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Halloween is one of my favourite holidays but this month turned out to be one of the most jammed packed of the year. For a start, my daughter was flung into the duties of being Head Girl of the school by presenting at the achievement evening. Jack managed to do himself a big mischief and smashed his face in during lunch one day and ended up with a broken tooth and a trip to the hospital. And Connor, the baby, wasn’t really baby anymore as it was his 2nd birthday this month. Oh, and my hubby got to have a go at sword fighting with a free workshop.


Cold winter mornings can be depressing and this November was no different. This November marks the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One, the War that was supposed to end all wars. This was the month that my baby bump finally started to show, I no longer looked fat, I looked pregnant. School and work took massive chunks out of our time, and when we weren’t busy, we just wanted to chill out with our feet up. One of the biggest things that happened was my book was finally made available for pre-order.


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Christmas time, so many birthdays (including my own) made December a very busy month for me. I was so busy, I took time off from the site. I will admit, I was kind of annoyed that I wasn’t more organised with my posts and handling my time but there is only so much a heavily pregnant woman can do. My husband was very brave and went for his vasectomy, something we had been waiting on for a very long time! While he was recovering, I took the opportunity to redecorate the living room, another thing that we have been trying to do for years. And Jack finished off the year by earning his yellow belt at ju-jitsu, well done wee man.

I’m not even sure what my goals were for 2018 but they have gone out the window (probably) but I think it’s safe to say that I have achieved a lot of those 12 months. I’ve still loads to do but I know that 2018 has laid some amazing groundwork and foundations for 2019.

22 thoughts on “My 2018 in review

  1. What a busy year you’ve had. When I read about your mom taking the dog so it wouldn’t be put to sleep, my eyes started watering. I love dogs and I know that she will love having the addition to the family.

    1. She adores having the pup with her now. It’s so sad that dogs can be treated like that. Her only crime was the people who got her didn’t want her 🙁

  2. I love reading recaps on how the last year went for them! It looks like you had a pretty good year! Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you joy and success!

    1. It was really fun to sit and think about what I have been up to over the last 12 months. It’s a great way to reflect and remind me of all the good stuff 😀

  3. This sounds like you had an amazing year! I love to see recaps and how people utilized their time and what their experiences were that they loved so much.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment 🙂 Yes, you should definitely do your own recap, it can be hard looking at the failures but the successes are even sweeter 😀

  4. Looks like 2018 is very busy for you. Love the way you reviewed past year. Hope this year brings lot of success and happiness

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