Is “Feminism” still a dirty word?


When it comes to feminism in the modern world, to be called a feminist is practically an insult. How dare women expected to be treated the same as men! How dare we want equal pay, the same rights, and blah blah blah! Is that feminism or equal rights across the board? And why is feminism a dirty word?

I admit, when I first wrote this, I was an angry woman. The parts that I wrote before will probably stick out like a sore thumb. I could completely re-write this piece but I won’t. Why? Simply because I am still angry about this, I’ve just got better at controlling my temper. Since I wrote this, loads of things have happened. In my own personal life, I’ve gotten married, had another baby, and had plenty to deal with. But in the big wide world, a lot has happened. The news of the Harvey Weinstein harassment cases made this old post spring to mind. The has been a massive ripple effect as countless women have come forward to talk about sexual assault at the hands of the most powerful men in the world. Careers are crumbling, as is the wall of silence around workplace harassment. I’m warning you now, you won’t like this post. You will probably think I’m trying to belittle what is happening to women. And for that reason, I have never posted this. I’m not. What I would like to do is shed some light on the scale of harassment. It happens to men and women, gay or straight. The one thing that all these assholes have in common is the way they think they can get away with abusing the little power that they have. 


I am one of those people who thinks everyone should get the same treatment. Women want to go to war and fight, away you go. That’s not my cup of tea but away you go to fight with the boys. Should men be midwives? Of course they should. If I’m popping a baby out of my lady parts, I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman. They just need to know what they are doing and can get the little human I just grew out of me without my insides coming out as well. I don’t care what your gentiles are, just as long as you have the skills and can do the job without putting someone’s life in danger. So if someone has the skills to do the job, regardless of gender, then they should get paid the same.


So if that is all women are fighting for, to be treated the same, then why is feminism a dirty word? The answer is simple. Some women have become power hungry and filled with crazy and think it’s ok to hide behind equal rights as a way to belittle men. And I’m disgusted by it. It wasn’t too long ago that my hubby-to-be was being sexually harassed by a smelly little bog-rat at work. When anyone attempted to do anything about it, she turned on the waterworks and claimed she was being bullied. So, it’s ok for her to rub her hands all over the man I love, and leave chilli sauce handprints on his white shirt, but if he tries to report it, he’s the bully? If it was the other way round and she was getting felt up all day, she would be straight on the phone to the police. How is that fair? It’s not. It’s not fair on men, it’s not fair on those who put their lives on the line and fight for equal rights, and it’s not fair to feminism.


I want to say that the incident with my hubby-to-be was a one-off, but it happened every day that she was at work for months. And she is not the only one who is doing this. All over the world, “feminists” are using equal rights as a weapon against men. And it annoys me, a lot. Not only is it insulting to the women who sacrificed themselves so that we could vote and work, it’s insulting to the women around the world who would give anything to have the freedoms which we take for granted. Across the world, there are women activists who are fighting and campaigning to protect women from enslavement, rape, forced marriages, and genital mutilation. But if you asked those women who are fighting the good fight if they are feminists, they would probably say no. Because of the selfish actions of some women, feminism is now a dirty word.

What now?

Everyone has rights. Everyone is entitled to equal treatment. And just because you live in a country that grants you these rights, it does not mean that you should take the mickey out it. Do not take advantage of “equality” and use it to put down others. If you think that you have it so hard, take yourself over to some 3rd World country and see what it is like to be a woman there.

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