I still have no idea what I am doing || Confessions of a blogger

I still have no idea what I am doing || confessions of a blogger

Being a blogger is one of those things that seems like a good idea before you start it. You can write about whatever you want, you can post whenever you want. Deadlines are the sort of thing reserved for journalists with breaking stories, not a genius like you. The world is your oyster and everyone will think you are brilliant. Insightful maybe. You will become rich and famous by just being you. And do you know what? This is one of those times when I wished the sarcasm font existed.

Blogging is hard work and I wish I knew that before I started. I was a young(ish) woman with dreams of adoration for simply spinning a yarn online. I believed that my first few posts for go unnoticed before I was spotted by some eagle-eyed hipster who declared that I was the best thing since sliced bread. I would then be propelled into the world of blogging fame. People would talk about me as though I was the new Oprah. People would follow me on my social media channels, waiting with baited breath to see what I would do next. Oh! How naive I was to think such things! It is true that it happens to some people but most of the time, behind the scenes, there is a lot of work that is being done to make sure blogs hit the top spot and receive that type of fame.

The business side of blogging is highly complicated and diverse. You only need to look at the blogger groups online to see the vast scale of techno-jargon and business yibber-yabber that gets used. SEO, domain authority, and penguins. Yes, these are all things that mean a lot to bloggers. And without knowing and understanding these things, many new bloggers find themselves going unnoticed and waiting forever for their hipster to discover them. Who knew that all bloggers were so concerned with animal welfare that they talked about penguins during business hours! Wait, no….

So what can be done if you are new and have no idea what you are doing? For starters, you need to realise you are working in a highly competitive market, so you need to learn to about your business. It is not as simple as pulling an idea out of thin air and moulding it into something presentable for the world to admire. If it was that simple then support groups, books and online resources would not have to exist. Everyone would be making a fortune without any help. Unfortunately for every legitimate resource, there are 10 others that aren’t worth the money for all of the waffling they do. That is why the online blogging community is so important. For every scam that is thrown at you, there are 10 other bloggers who are ready to help you. Because blogging is still so undervalued as a profession, bloggers tend to band together and work as a team with support, encouragement, and giving a helping hand to those who need it.

So, if you are new, don’t despair. There is a huge community out there ready to help you. They will show you where to go, pass on advice, and give you a virtual hug when your DA drops and the penguins attack. Trust me, they will attack one day. Nobody can really be that “black and white” and not be evil.

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