Celebrity Killers || Part 2

Celebrity killers

Celebrity killers might not seem like a thing, but the rich and famous are just as capable of taking a life. Just because someone is famous it doesn’t mean those horrible things don’t happen to them, or they don’t do horrible things to other people. Welcome to part 2 of the Celebrity Killers series. This is the second part of the car accidents that have involved celebrities.

Mitt Romney

Back when Mitt Romney was a Mormon missionary in France, he was involved in a fatal car accident which resulted in the death of one of his passengers. On 16th June 1968, while travelling on a road which was known for its high crash rate, Mitt Romney’s car was struck by another which was driven by a priest. Although blame was never placed on anyone for the crash, fingers have been pointed in a few different directions. The car which Romney was driving was only supposed to carry 5 people, it had 6 people in it at the time. Romney had already passed one other car accident on the road earlier in the day, so he was aware it was a dangerous road to drive on. Also, it was rumoured that the priest who was driving the other car was drunk at the time but charges were ever pressed against him by the Mormon church. Romney was feared dead at the scene along with Leola Anderson, the victim of the accident, but he made a full recovery.

Lane Garrison

On 2nd December 2006, Lane Garrison was drunk and had been taking cocaine when he got behind the wheel of his SUV and he drove through Beverly Hills. In the car with him were three teenager passengers, two 15-year-old girls and one 17-year-old boy. At 11:52 pm Lane lost control of his car and crashed into a tree, killing his 17-year-old passenger, Vahagn Setian. The two girls were left injured, one critically. In 2007 Garrison was sentenced to 40 months in prison for vehicular manslaughter and ordered to $300,000 in damages to the victim’s families. He was released from prison in April 2007 and spent the following four years on parole.

Dwayne Goodrich

The former American football player for the Dallas Cowboys was responsible for the deaths of two people during a hit and run accident. On 14th January 2003, Goodrich sped past another car crash when he swerved his BMW and hit three people who were attempting to rescue a man from a burning car, and sped off. Two of the victims who were killed were Joseph “Joby” Wood (21)  and Demont Matthews (23). The third victim, Joshua “Shuki” Josef (41) suffered a shattered left leg when the car struck him. Goodrich claimed that he believed that it was debris from the accident that he had hit, not the men. He was convicted of two accounts of manslaughter and three accounts of failing to stop and give aid, with a sentence of 12 ½ years. He was released in 2011 for good behaviour and was on parole until 2014.

Howard Hughes

celebrity killers Howard Hughes

One of the original American business tycoons from America’s golden age, Hughes was no stranger to accidental death. During test flights for new aircraft, Hughes and his co-pilots were often hurt or killed. But on 11th July 1936, Hughes hit a pedestrian who was standing in the “safe-zone” waiting on a street car. Witnesses at the scene claimed that Hughes was driving too fast and swerving the car across the road. When questioned about the accident, Hughes and his passenger claimed that the victim, Gabriel Meyer, had stepped out in front of the car as they were driving past the corner 3rd Street and Lorraine in Los Angeles. An inquest found him not guilty of any crime and Hughes walked away a free man.

Tony Stewart (Nascar)

celebrity killers Tony Stewart

NASCAR is known for being a dangerous racing experience but on 9th August 2014, the world was left shocked when Tony Stewart hit fellow racer Kevin Ward and killed him. Ward had just crashed his own car and was walking across the track towards the bottom of the track when Stewart clipped him on the way past. Other racers on the track were slowing down because of a caution, except for Stewart. A grand jury ruled the death accidental and Stewart faced no charges for the death of Ward, but Ward’s family place all the blame on Stewart’s shoulder.

Bruce Jenner

Before Caitlyn Jenner existed, she was known as Bruce Jenner. On 7th February 2015, Bruce Jenner was responsible for a chain reaction car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway when he rear-ended a white Lexus. The Lexus had stopped at traffic lights when Jenner failed to notice that the traffic had slowed and stopped. He attempted to avoid hitting the Lexus but his attempts made things worse. Jenner attempted to swerve his car to the right to avoid the stopped car, but instead, he hit it at an angle that forced the Lexus to the left, into oncoming traffic in the other lane. The Lexus was struck by a Hummer coming the other way and the driver, Kimberly Howe, was killed. Jenner was investigated by the police and Howe’s stepchildren began the process of suing Jenner over the accident. This was despite investigations from the police being incomplete. Jenner was later cleared of any charges and the lawsuits were settled.

Craig MacTavish (Boston Bruins)

Former ice-hockey player for the Boston Bruins was forced to miss the 84-85 season after he was found guilty of vehicular homicide. On 24th January 1984, MacTavish was drunk behind the wheel of his car when he struck Kim Radley. Four days after the accident, Radley died from her injuries, and MacTavish was found guilty of her death. He spent one year in prison. When he was released from prison he joined the Edmonton Oilers for the 85-86 hockey season.

JR Smith

Basketball player for the Denver Nuggets was involved in two accidents in 2007, one of which resulted in the death of a passenger. On 9th June 2007, Smith ran a stop sign and hit another car. Smith and one of the passengers, Andre Bell, were thrown from the SUV Smith was driving as neither were wearing seatbelts. In June 2009 Smith was convicted of vehicular homicide and was sentenced to prison time and community service but was released from prison after only serving 24 days.

Phill Lewis

Mr Moseby from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is probably one of the last people that you would think of when it comes to drunk driving. But in December 1991 Lewis crashed his car head-on into another, killing the driver. 21-year-old Isabel Duarte was badly injured in the crash and died a few days later in hospital. Lewis was given a suspended sentence of 3 three years and 350 hours of community service.

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