13 Celebs who are afraid of flying

afraid of flying

Being afraid of flying is a fact of life to some people. George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “It’s both optimists and pessimists that contribute to society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, and the pessimist invents the parachute.” Some people are happy to fly but others are complete pessimists who would rather be knocked out with a wooden mallet and strapped up in the cargo hold of a ship than sit on a plane.

Some of the most surprising people are celebrities. You would think with their jet-set lifestyles and amazing luck that they wouldn’t have a fear like this. Some have been known to take out flying insurance and life insurance because they are so afraid. Because if you have both nothing will happen, right? Others scream and grab onto the people next to them. Here are some celebrities who are afraid of flying.

Jennifer Aniston

It might surprise people that Jennifer has a fear of flying, especially after she appeared in an advert for Emirates Airlines. It has gotten so bad over the years that she was forced to stand up during the safety video and admit her fear. The flight attendants on that flight were so lovely and kept checking in on her. She has been known to have a few drinks before she boards a plane but it never helps. Her fear of flying started when she flew through an electrical storm from Canada to New York. She has also said that take-off scares her the most because she can’t understand how the plane gets into the air.

Megan Fox

We can just imagine the conversation that happened when Megan meet her insurance broker one day. “I’d like flying insurance and life insurance out for when I travel. I don’t think I’ll need them because I listen to Britney Spears when I fly, and it isn’t my destiny to die listening to Britney.” Yep, Megan listens to Britney to calm her down when she boards a plane and has said the destiny part to Perez Hilton. Megan started taking panic attacks on planes when she was 20 years old and has developed a fear since then. Now she listens to music because she believes she won’t crash while Britney sings.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi was unfortunate enough to see a mid-air collision over 30 years ago. Since then she has had a real fear of flying. No matter what Whoopi has been offered over the years, it has done nothing to lift her fear. What scared her the most was the fact that the people on those planes that collided were probably aware that they were in danger, but could do nothing about it. Whoopi is going to have to get over it all soon when the stage version of Sister Act travels around the globe. Until recently she has travelled across America on a bus with two drivers. She can travel coast to coast in 23 hours.

Ben Affleck

Ben has suffered from a fear of flying for years after a plane he was on nearly crashed. When Ben was 9 years old he was flying alone and his plane was struck by lighting. One of the engines caught on fire and the plane had to make an emergency landing. But the horror for young Ben didn’t end there. He had just watched a scary movie about child molesters before the flight. As the plane was landing, the guy next to him said that they would probably be put in a hotel. But it was ok, young Ben could stay with him.

Shailene Woodley

It’s a pilot’s licence that this girl is after because Shailene has become more and more afraid of flying as time has gone on. Her main fear is not flying, but the fact that the plane might crash and she could die, and there is nothing that she can do about it. It could be just a control issue because she now wants to learn to fly. She hopes that some flying lessons will help her get control of her fear. She hopes that it will trick her brain so that she won’t be so afraid. Having her pilot’s licence will also mean that is something did go wrong, she would be trained to deal with a flying emergency. I could definitely see the Divergent star taking control of an aeroplane in an emergency.

Travis Barker

He is probably one of the few celebrities that has a reason to be scared of flying. In 2008 Travis was in a plane crash which killed four other people. Two of his best friends were killed and he suffered from 2nd and 3rd-degree burns. He survived the crash with his friend Adam Goldstein and neither of them recovered from the tragic accident. Adam suffered survivor’s guilt and died of an accidental overdose a year after the crash. The plane had a tire blow out and the pilot was attempting a rejected take off when the plane crashed and burst into flames. Since then Travis has used boats for his travelling but hopes to get over the fear one day and take his kids to Australia. He has even claimed that they can knock him out on the plane just to get him there without a meltdown.

Colin Farrell

Colin might have played the parts of some of the bravest or scariest men in Hollywood but he really hates flying. But if anyone should be afraid, it should be the cabin crew! Colin has had plenty of meltdowns while he has been flying. He has been so bad that he was nearly arrested and had to be put in handcuffs during a British Airways flight. He considers flying unnatural and has developed a hatred of it, not just a phobia. He has tried many different things over the years to stop him from going nuts. He has tried drinking and medication. But the only thing he isn’t afraid of is the press being leaked the stories. Colin has admitted that his behaviour on flights over the years has been messy and he is surprised that stories haven’t been leaked.

William Shatner

He has boldly gone where no man has gone before, but that was a closed set. William might have played the part of Captain Kirk on Star Trek and faced the final frontier of space, but that was an act. In real life, William is afraid of flying. He doesn’t even like to travel on aeroplanes, never mind spaceships. This bold statement was made by Richard Branson after William turned down his chance to fly on Virgin Galactic. But William reportedly said that he would do it if Richard paid him. Shatner demanded a large sum of money to risk his life on the flight but Richard couldn’t guarantee the safety of the flight. But there was a rumour that Richard only offered William the place because of the name of the first Virgin Galactic craft, the VSS Enterprise.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha has one of the most famous fears of flying after she turned down an audience with the Queen of England. Her fear started in 1984 for no reason and has never got over it. She had planned on taking part in a fearless flyers course but missed part of it. She has planned recently to go back and get over her fear because she wants to travel to England to perform for the first time in 30 years. One of the perks of not flying has been her custom bus which she travels around the country in. When she feels like it, the bus can pull over for a bite to eat, something that you can’t do at 30,000 feet.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten has had a fear of flying for as long as she can remember. She thinks that she is afraid of the noise of the plane. When she is travelling now, she uses noise cancelling headphones. She tries to cancel out the noise of the plane to stop her from freaking out and keeps them on for takeoff and landing. But it’s not just flying that scares Kirsten, she is afraid of aeroplanes. This might explain why she likes the headphones, to her sitting in a plane must be like sitting in the belly of the beast!

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer is so afraid of flying, she spends the first 10 minutes of her flight listening to the engine, waiting for something to go wrong. She knows all too well how bad she is with her fear. When it comes to travel, she becomes superstitious and kisses the plane before she gets on a flight. She says that she is normally a realist but all logic goes out the window with flying. She has also admitted that her fear might just be more than it appears, it could be a phobia which she needs to get help with. She considered taking a sleeping pill for flying but worried that, if she did and there was an actual emergency, she would be useless and drugged.

Sandra Bullock

She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and her box office smashes have hit record figures. When she played the lead actress in the movies Speed and Speed 2, we all thought she was a fearless woman. Sure, she was taking on terrorists from the safety of a movie set but those stunts looked scary. One thing that Sandra had not done until her recent movie Gravity, was play a part that portrays air travel of any kind because of her fear of flying. Her fear is so bad it has been described by some as a “deathly fear”. In 2000 Sandra was involved in a plane crash when her plane left the runway during takeoff and crashed. When she was starting to film Gravity, she thought she would have to go on “the Vomit Comet” to do the weightless scenes.

Sean Bean

Sean has played some of the most feared people on screen. He has been a Bond Villian, part of the Lord of the Rings, and even had a brief part in a Game of Thrones. He has admitted that his fear of flying comes from his parents and has rubbed off on him. When he was filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand he wouldn’t get into the helicopter with the rest of the cast. Instead, he chose to hike mountainside side rather than be brave and sit in the chopper. The entire cast was made to wait on him climbing up the mountain to join them. When he is at home in England, he drives across Europe to any film location rather than fly. Let’s face it, most of his characters have suffered tragic endings, you might want to be careful Sean, regardless of whether you fly or not.

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