Glossy Box Unboxing || November 2017

Glossy Box UK unboxing

Glossy Box is back again for November with more products and inspiration. This month, it’s all about the Danish life concept Hygge and little luxuries! What’s Hygge you ask? It’s the Danish word for that cosy feeling.

Psst! I’ve put links to my partner sites so that you can get these goodies for yourself. They are affiliate links so I get a wee sumthink sumthink for my trouble. If you fancy a Glossy Box for yourself, just click here. That’s my refer a friend link. 

Body Wash

Glossy Box UK body wash
Greenfrog Botanic, Botanical Bodywash

This is natural, plant-based body wash which is super delicate skin. This has a gentle but uplifting fragrance of geranium and peppermint. It has been made in the UK, with organic aloe vera from Mexico, and some Ayurvedic wisdom from the Himalayas.

Makeup brush

Glossy Box UK powder brush Beauty UK Cosmetics

I love it when I get a new makeup brush, and this one hasn’t disappointed me! This has nice short bristles which makes it perfect for blending and contouring. This is a good size for both eyes and cheeks, and it’s not too heavy either. This is a great addition to your makeup brush collection.

Lip Balm

Glossy Box UK Sport FX lip balm candy floss

This lip balm was specially created for Glossy Box UK. The balm is candy floss flavoured and leaves a gentle pink tint to your lips. One of my favourite things about this is the SPF 15 protection for your lips. I’m a big believer in sunscreen and protecting your skin.

Eyebrow powder

Collection cosmetics eyebrow powder Glossy Box UK
Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder

Brows are the still going strong for winter. My brows are so thin from years of over-plucking (thanks 90’s!) that I need to fill mine in. This can be used for filling in those sparse areas with or without a brow pencil. The fine thin means you can make the perfect strokes to fill in those gaps.

Face Mask

Glossy Box UK Charcoal and Willow Bark sheet mask face mask Boots UK

Charcoal is the ingredient of the moment for beauty products. It has become a firm favourite for purifying your skin. This is the latest sheet face mask from Boots Chemists which only takes 15 minutes to do its job. Just pop the sheet on your face, lie back and relax.

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