Can you dupe a guru? || Beauty dupe challenge

beauty dupe

I love make-up and smelly stuff. But it can be really expensive. I’ve been at this for a while now so I’m kind of a “guru”, whatever that is. So can some cheaper products pass as the perfect beauty dupes?

Don’t get wrong, I love my fancy stuff. But when you are starting out on your makeup journey, and trust me when I say it is a journey, it can be tough. Certain makeup can be really expensive and you have to wonder if it is worth it? With those prices, you would like to think so. But is there cheaper versions that will do the job? Of course there are!


beauty dupe mascara

I love having long lashes. But not too long. As a glasses wearer, I need something that will make my lashes long but doesn’t rub off on my lens. Plus it needs to be easy to remove because I don’t want to rip my lashes out of my face. I need them!

What I use

Over the last few months, I have been experimenting with a few different mascaras. Benefit Roller Lash mascara, Eyeko Black Magic Mascara and Revlon Volume Plus Length mascara have been the three featuring in the bathroom. Each of these mascaras has their own formula and marketing campaign that will make you want to part with nearly £20 for long lashes.


The Beauty Dupe

I love it when a mascara has a cool name! LA Girl Oomph’d mascara is nearly a quarter of the price of my usuals but beauty dupe mascarahas the same effect for boosting lashes. The packaging reminds of the 90’s with the bold gold lettering. The brush is not a massive fat thing that doesn’t reach all your lashes. There is a really narrow end so you can reach those wee tiny lashes right in the corners.


beauty dupe Benefit browsMy brows are kind of awful. The 90’s was not a good time for eyebrows. We pretty much ripped them out of our faces and prayed that they didn’t grow back. But that was 20 years ago (whaaaa?! I’m not that old!!) and now brows are in. And I don’t have any. Whoops!

What I use

My eyebrows are really dark. They are naturally black. Honestly, they are! So, I need something really dark and intense to match the little bit of brows that I have left. I like to use a combo of products for my brows. For filling in those random spaces and defining my brows, I like to use Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Pencil. The hair of my brows tends to get covered in makeup so I use so Benefit Gimme Brow to help with that.

The Beauty Dupebeauty dupe eye tech

Is there anything like a multi-purpose tool? This is a dual ended brow and eye styler that rivals the best. Simply use one end to fill in your brows, then flip it over and use the other end as an eyeliner.  Milani Eye Tech Define Brow/Eye Liner is vegan-friendly which is a fraction of the price. The same can be said about Milani Easybrow Tinted Fiber Gel. The combo of the two products makes your brows pop, or in my case, I look like I’ve got brows.


beauty dupe fibre gel browsWhat do you think? Do you have any beauty dupes that can rival the big brands? Or do you have a product that you can’t live without?

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