The Nightmare Before Christmas || Movie Mondays

The Nightmare Before Christmas || Movie Mondays

The Nightmare Before Christmas is 25 years old so it only seems fitting that we break it out for the beginning of the festive season. But is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?

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The Plot

Jack the Pumpkin King, the King of Halloween Town, is in charge of the Halloween celebrations but has grown weary of the same old routine every year. After the Halloween celebrations have finished one year, Jack goes for a walk in the woods and discovers some trees that allow him to visit other holidays. Jack stumbles into Christmas Town and discovers the joy of Christmas. Jack decides that he wants a turn at celebrating Christmas and takes over from “Sandy Claws” for one year. But as Jack has given the jobs of creating toys to the people of Halloween, the toys and gifts are terrifying for the people of the world. Jack is shot down and realised his love for Halloween again and gets Santa back from Oogie Boogie in order to save Christmas.

Thoughts on the Movie

This has become a classic movie from both Halloween and Christmas, but it is ultimately a love story between Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally the rag-doll creation. The entire movie is dark and spooky but it’s still a great movie for kids. I remember when the movie was released and it was a breath of fresh air compared to the Disney movies that had been dominating the cinemas in the years before it was released. Since then, The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a cult classic with kids, who are now grown-ups, and they are allowing their kids to discover the joy and horror of the movie.


It could be argued that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie, which is true. But it is also a Christmas movie. There are not many movies that can be both. For me, as a bit of a goth, I love having a Christmas movie that is that little bit darker. Is it suitable for children? I dunno, it really depends on you as the parent. Some people think it is too dark for younger kids but some see nothing wrong with it. I’ve let my kids watch it and had no issues, and if they did I would have switched it off. But that is your call. It is a movie that plenty of people will enjoy.

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